The All-Barnes Team

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by WashU-Horn, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. WashU-Horn

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    1. Augustin / Ford / Balbay
    2. Joseph / Gibson / Ivey
    3. Durant / Hamilton / Owens
    4. Thompson / Tucker / James
    5. Aldridge / Mihm / Thomas

    Honorable Mention: Mouton, Abrams, Johnson, Boddicker
  2. Third Coast

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    I would probably go with the following:
    1 - Ford
    2 - Augustin
    3 - Durant
    4 - Aldridge
    5 - Thompson
  3. Statalyzer

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    In the NBA, sure, go with Aldridge. In college, go with Mihm.

    And yeah, TJ Ford has to be the starting PG.
  4. mcbrett

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    Anyone remember Kris Clack? He was pre-TJ, and for his time, was the baller.
  5. Horns11

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    Mihm should be the 1st overall pick at any position. What he accomplished in college would be enough to give an average team at least a few extra wins by himself.

    Muoneke was solid at PF as well. I'd move Tucker to swingman and put Gabe in there with Thompson and James.

    Although I loved Chris Owens, he probably wouldn't solidify a spot unless you want him at post ahead of Thomas.

    Brandon Mouton and Darren Kelly should be at 2G ahead of Gibson. Ivey should be at PG ahead of Balbay. And like others stated, Ford should be ahead of Augustin.

    1. Ford - Augustin - Ivey
    2. Mouton - Kelly - Joseph - Gibson
    3. Durant - Hamilton - Tucker
    4. Thompson - James - Muoneke/Owens
    5. Mihm - Aldridge
  6. Alex_de_Large

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  7. GemStateJim

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    Pretty solid list, Horns11, except I'd put Aldridge ahead of Thompson at power forward. I think Thompson has the potential to be the better all-around player (he's already a better defender), but LA as a sophomore probably gets the edge over TT as a frosh.

    That pretty much leaves Mihm as the only center, unless you want to throw in Pittman, but he doesn't really belong on this list.

    Also, James and Tucker should be at the same position. Damion had better range, but P.J. had a much better handle.

    If you really wanted to be nasty, you could slide Durant to the 2. You'd lose some boards because he was an excellent defensive rebounder, but he'd be a matchup nightmare for opponents.

    My starting lineup would go:
    PG: Ford
    SG: Durant
    SF: Hamilton/Tucker/James
    PF: Aldridge/Thompson
    C: Mihm

    Defensively, you could do better, but who cares when you're hanging a hundred-plus on everyone?
  8. Alex_de_Large

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    Is Durant a SG or a SF? In the NBA it probably doesn't matter, but he is 6'9.
  9. overmaars

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  10. GemStateJim

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  11. Horns11

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    Well, that kind of defeats the purpose of the "team" aspect of it. If you just want the best 5 on the floor, go with Ford, Augustin, Durant, Aldridge, and Mihm.
  12. GemStateJim

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  13. CraigHorn

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    Horns11 nailed it on the head. DJ could play 2 well enough and you have to have TJ out there.
  14. Third Coast

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    I chose Augustin as 2G on my starting five, because I felt he deserved to be on it and would be better at that position than Joseph, Gibson, or Ivey.

    I also picked Thompson by a hair over Mihm at center, because he is a beast in the post. I would be content with either though.

    That's just my opinion and I'm sticking to it. [​IMG]
  15. WashU-Horn

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    My list is still the best. It is also approved by Mr. Barnes himself. And yes, I take Augustin over Ford because Augustin was and is better than Ford.

    If Balbay and Ivey are not on your list then you are mentally retarded and I forbid you to procreate.

    Mouton could not create his own shot if his life depended on it. He is not a starter on the All Barnes team.
  16. GemStateJim

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  17. utmck

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  18. 90 Grad

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    Make that EXCLAMATION POINT!!!
  19. Horns11

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    "If Balbay and Ivey are not on your list then you are mentally retarded and I forbid you to procreate. Mouton could not create his own shot if his life depended on it. He is not a starter on the All Barnes team."

    I agree about Ivey. I'd take Willie Clay over Balbay. Balbay is a poor man's Doug Gottlieb. OK, maybe Clay is a stretch, but placing Dogus on the team with maybe what... four good games since he's been here? Ivan Wagner was probably ten times as consistent as Balbay, and distributed the ball just as well as him. Sure he had Mihm to pass it to, but he also had defensive handles and took charges like nobody's business. Placing Balbay on the team is a poor example of "recency is better than older."

    HOW is DJ better than TJ? Because he shot the three better? Jesus.

    Mouton is possibly a 2G starter for Barnes because I was going off of the actual "position" that Horns played while at Texas. You can just as easily put a better player into this slot (Durant, Augustin, Ivey, another guard), but that isn't really what they played at Texas. I agree that he wasn't the best shooter ever, but he did bail us out a couple times his senior year.
  20. GemStateJim

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  22. Statalyzer

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  23. WashU-Horn

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    Ford was faster than Augustin and that is about it. You are mistaken if you think that Ford was/is a better defender and scorer than Augustin. It just isn't true. Ford had a better career at UT but overall Augustin was and is the better player.

    Mouton went 9-23 in the final four game against Syracuse. He was a quality shooter and a decent defender. He could not create his own shot. That was the knock on him his entire career.
  24. borna_horn

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    Ford-Abrams-Durant-Thompson-Aldridge = deadly starting five

    AJ is the most under-appreciated player of the Barnes era.
  25. Horns11

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    You'll be hard pressed to find a lot of AJ Abrams apologists on this board.
  26. GemStateJim

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  27. EJC+1

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    PG: TJ Ford
    SG: Royal Ivey (the glue guy)
    SF: Kevin Durant
    PF: LaMarcus Aldridge
    C: Chris Mihm
  28. Statalyzer

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  29. needajobrob

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    no all-barnes team would be complete without his favorite player Deginald Erskin! I'm a homer from Gonzales but he was a solid player that barnes liked a ton.
  30. TheNewGuy

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    Everyone is forgetting that Sydmill spoke 5 languages and Buckman's dad played with Crenshaw and Kite on the golf team.

    Other than that I have no issues with the lists.

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