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    Try as they might versus Arkansas, Texas’ offense could not make consistent gains lining up behind the offensive line and running between the tackles. The effects of the failure to run the football seeped into other aspects of the offense and led to a dismal performance that only put 21 points on the scoreboard.

    Rather than make changes to the starting five linemen immediately following the disappointing performance, Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian and offensive coordinator Kyle Flood emphasized an approach where even small lapses received ridicule. The work done throughout the week, and a solid performance in Texas’ perimeter emphasis, showed up in the offensive line Saturday, when Texas ran for 427 yards in a 58-0 win over Rice.

    “(Flood) was on them this week,” Sarkisian said following the game. “We weren’t just going to let the little things slide, and we challenged them on, never mind the result of the play or whatever it was. It was about, did you do your job exactly how it was supposed to be done and then beyond?....”

    There were still plays where Texas offensive linemen were beaten by Owl defenders, most notably on Casey Thompson’s first quarter interception. For the most part, the O-line played a better game compared to its outing against the Razorbacks.

    Part of what helped them find more success were play calls that didn’t show up in Fayetteville. Last week, Texas ran outside zone only four times for 15 yards. Compare that to the 15 times the Longhorns ran it against Louisiana for 115 yards.

    Sarkisian recognized getting the ball on the perimeter was beneficial for not just his offensive line, but for his team. That emphasis helped the offensive line help the running backs.

    All the Texas running backs made plays running outside, and a few scored on plant-and-go runs. Keilan Robinson rushed 65 yards on an outside zone give, and Jonathon Brooks scored his first career touchdown running toward the perimeter behind the second offensive line.

    The emphasis on the perimeter was also evident in how receiver Xavier Worthy received touches.

    Texas tried to put the ball in the freshman from Fresno’s hands via slants, deep shots, and back shoulder throws. They also put him in motion and got him moving laterally... He finished with seven catches for 88 yards and one score.

    Sarkisian added he thought Texas succeeded running internally, but there was far more variety in Texas’ play calling displayed versus the Owls than versus the Razorbacks in both the run and pass game.

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    That’s very encouraging news. Thx for posting.
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    I agree.

    I wondered why we didn't even try the Rice game plan against Arky, at least in the second half. We just kept pounding Bijan straight ahead into a brick wall on first and second downs. Then, we'd try to pass on third and long against 8 people in pass protection. Our shaky o-line couldn't even protect against 3 rushers who knew they didn't have to worry about the run at that point. What an atrocious game plan. Sark was muttering; "gee this worked at Alabama. What's wrong?"
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    I enjoy reading that kind of detailed, in- depth stuff. Reassures me on some level.
    Reading it reminded me of how hilarious we are as fans on boards thinking coaches are idiots who must be oblivious to what we all so easily can see and readily know. The temptation as a fan is to think you are paying more attention than them and you need to get a cell# and call somebody up.
    Coaching is the sort of thing that is much harder than people on the outside realize, and real consistent success at a high level comes to few. Coaches make mistakes, and, yes, some are checked out or otherwise brainless at times...but, for the most part, coaches are living and breathing this stuff every second of every minute of every day....WAY more than us schmucks...paying attention to nearly every detail they can, clawing and scratching for an advantage, and coaching their hearts out.
    If we think they are oblivious or stupid or not paying attention or trying or need our help....97.5% of the time we will be wrong.
    The job just ain't as easy as it looks.
    Go ahead, cue the "coaching is hard" lines.
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  5. Horn6721

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    Coaching is harder for some than others, :coolnana:
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  6. nashhorn

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    And it’s harder if your stupid. Just saying, not suggesting, Sark has a long way to go before we can honestly judge him imo.
    Beat Tech! Hookem
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  7. Statalyzer

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    Sad thing was, it was a brick wall with only 6 guys in the box.
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  8. Chop

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    Yeah, but in the 2nd half, we had to face this:

    (in the box...)
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  9. RTM4

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    That is a positive for sure, it means that this coaching staff recognized an issue, albeit too late for the Arkansas game, but did recognize a problem.

    I just hope that they keep building on it because we are going to find out with the upcoming schedule. Better have that chin strap buckled up tight.
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  10. mchammer

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    I saw the coaches were all over the OL in terms of fixing small issues that they saw after the play (wrong line-up, etc). Strange the OL played better with the extra attention and the skill players played looser.
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  11. ViperHorn

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    Coaching up is hard. Coaching up during a game is even harder.
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  12. dukesteer

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    Biggest difference: Casey Thompson. In fact, Sark basically admitted in the presser
    today that some players just perform better when the lights are on. We have such a player now starting.
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  13. Godz40acres

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    I can't tell you how many times Coach Mackovic said to me, "Why can't you play that way at practice!"
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  14. SabreHorn

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    What is that of which you speak?
  15. RainH2burntO

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    That you, Tom??
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  16. ViperHorn

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    You know one set of stands for a mental mistake: two for a missed assignment: and three for a personal.
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