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    Sounds good to me.

    Then again, having an EMG by an LSD-laced technician using a bent rusted needle would be better than what we have now.
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    You are suppose to want the BEST teams in the final 4 to determine who the BEST team in the country is regardless of CC or other garbage.

    If you really wanted the best teams in the final 4, the selection committee should be made up of guys like Vegas Bookmakers and handicappers Jimmy Vaccaro, Jay Kornegay, Jay Rood, John Avello, Nick Bogdanovich. Those guys know far more who the better teams are with no prejudice whatsoever.
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    Then why have conferences and just let teams schedule their own games?
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    They can have or do whatever you want regarding that.... Im saying those guys and their resources know far better who are the best teams. Without a doubt.
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    Everyone gets a ping-pong ball for every win against a FBS school with a monkey drawing the teams.

    Of course Alabama will coat their ball with banana extract so the monkey will pick their ball first.
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    I hate Bama, but they were more deserving. if tOSU had of lost a close one to Iowa, maybe I'd feel differently. But you just can't lose by 30+ to Iowa. You just can't.
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    So much for's statistical analysis. This morning they had OSU with a 40% chance to get in & Bama with only a 25% chance
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    I will ask this again. Why is Alabama more deserving? No one has answered this question. Who have they played to deserve it other than an 11-1 record and a win over the #17 team?

    As much as I hate tOSU, they have beaten two current top 10 teams. Alabama lost it's match-up with a current top 10 team. The committee obviously doesn't care who you beat or who you lose too.

    It seems their only criteria are wins and losses, oh, don't forget the eyeball test. Maybe tOSU shouldn't have worn their alternative uniforms.
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    Well, the conferences are groupingss of teams that have the resources to be good teams. So your schedule is theoretically tougher. some have more resources than others. Yet, even teams with fewer resources sometimes, though not often, get in.

    If the playoff consisted of eight teams more teams without huge resources and cheating skills of Bama and ou would likely sneak in more frequently. If that were to happen, I think the regular season should be shortened to 11 games max. I don't want 18 to 22 year olds playing a pro schedule of games.
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    By the way, that was a rhetorical question. But thanks for answering it.
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    I been saying this for years
    But the NCAA would probably never agree
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    Well, won loss record has always been the #1 thing they look at. Championships are big and should be. i'm sure this one was close. But it's not just wins and who you beat, but it's also losses and who and how you lose to them. I'm just saying if I'm on the committee I'm not sure I could get over a 30 pt loss to Iowa. If that loss was early in the year and you're without your starting QB or something, than maybe. But this was in November. Neither option was ideal. Ultimately it's the lesser of 2 evils. tOSU could be thankful they got in 3 years ago to win the NC. That year you had 3 teams right there and tOSU drew the long straw.
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    If it weren't for the uniforms Ohio State wouldn't have jumped TCU/Baylor in 2014 and might not have made it last year either. At least they are consistent w/r/t 2016 and 2017 criteria. It worked for Ohio State, now it's working against them.

    Clearly it does care who you lose to (and by how much) and that's exactly why Ohio State isn't there.

    Possibly, but those guys are trying to predict "what the average bettor will do" not "which team objectively earned it based on the results of the games". Vegas odds are as much a rating of athleticism, program prestige, and public expectations as they are of deservedness.
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    How the 4-team CFPlayoffs would have looked during the BCS Era (1998-2013). This is from Pick Six Previews which seems to have a Big 10 bias? Also, I would definitely make one change to 2008 but maybe that's just me

    click once to enlarge
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    Alabama's OOC foes:
    Florida State (6-5) beaten 24-3.
    Fresno St. (9-4) beaten 41-10, Washington beat them 48-18 the next week.
    Colorado St. (7-5) beaten 48-23
    Mercer (56-0)

    Personally, I think a P5 program should be punished for scheduling a patsy like Mercer, especially late in the season.

    If you look at the cumulative schedule of Alabama, it's clear that this is NOT the dominant team of previous years and it getting help from the reputation of those teams.
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    LOL re: 2008 season even screwed Texas with 4 teams
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