The Colorado Cake Baker v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Clean, Dec 6, 2017.

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    And yet another data point demonstrating that the tranny brigade is all about their own narcissism. They will do ANYTHING possible, including frivolous litigation, to try and make themselves newsworthy, after which they will then claim that their professional victim status when nobody wants to hire their delusional asses. And of course, they will NEVER own up to their own role in having outed themselves in such a public manner and will instead claim that they were just minding their own business until whatever excuse du jour they pull out of a posterior orifice...
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    Where is Andrew Stack when you need him?
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    The baker should have asked if he wanted a fruit cake instead.
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    Ok mc
    I laughed but the PC crowd will be faux outraged
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    Nah, the nutcase would have been whining that he was being picked on since a fruitcake necessarily implies that the nuts remain...just as they do on the very significant majority of the men in makeup.
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    Colorado regulators have ruled with the tranny - even after the Supreme Court ruling. That should tell you that the State of Colorado doesn't view the Court's ruling as recognizing that the baker has any substantive rights when deciding whom to serve. What I can see happening is the case working its way through the state courts. The state courts will use more flowery rhetoric and act nicer to the baker so they don't piss off Justices Kagan and Breyer but reach the same result. Then the Supreme Court will rule again, and Breyer and Kagan will flip leaving a 5-4 decision.
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    I read an article that said that the SC's first decision in this case left a hole wide enough to drive a semi through. I'm not a lawyer and I didn't stay at Holiday Inn Express, but I gather that everybody saw this coming. Hopefully they'll close the loopholes this time or the Left will hound them forever.
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    I disagree. The hole is big enough for two aircraft carriers to sail through it side-by-side.
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    Good for the baker. It is obvious he is being targeted by a bunch of bullies.
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    So the Colorado Commission has held onto the transgender case for over a year.
    "On June 26, 2017, the very same day the Supreme Court agreed to take the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, Attorney Autumn Scardina called the cake shop to request a “gender transition” cake. The cake shop declined, so on July 20, 2017, Scardina filed a complaint, with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission:

    I believe I was unlawfully discriminated against because of my protectcd class(es) in violation of the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act (CADA). 1.) On or about June 26. 2017, I was denied full and equal enjoyment of a place of public accommodation. Specifically, the Respondent refused to prepare my order for a cake with pink interior and blue exterior, which I disclosed was inttended for the celebration of my transition from male to female. Furthermore. 1hc Respondent indicated to me that to prepare such a cake would be against their religious beliefs. 2.) I believe I was discriminated against because of my protected class(cs).


    It appears that Colorado waited for the Supreme Court ruling in the wedding cake case, because it was not until June 28, 2018, that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission issued a finding of probable cause.

    Colorado goes after Masterpiece Cakeshop again - this time over "gender transition" cake
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    We ought to invite that guy to relocate to Texas. He'd have more business here than he could handle.
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    yes ... most of these are preplanned ... from the day the "aggrieved" first walked into the store past all the other alternatives ... to setting-up the follow-on cases because SCOTUS dodged the real question ... can the government compel the exchange in a business transaction.

    Given it also failed to cut ACA at the knees/toes ... it seems the SCOTUS agrees ... it is a significant part of the KingNoggin for which we, the people, have begged to have.
    Congratulations, big govt people. You have your king!
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    Predictably, the Washington Supreme Court ruled against a florist who didn't want to make an arrangement for a gay wedding. Link.

    This will get appealed into the Supreme Court. Of course, the Colorado ruling had Breyer and Kagan on the side of the baker, but their rationale was basically that it's ok to make violating someone's religious beliefs a condition of running a business and making a living, but you do have to be nice while you're doing it. You can't just take a piss on his face like the Colorado courts did. You have to at least pretend that you're not enjoying it so much. Washington's LGBTQ Gestapo was nice, so we know how Breyer and Kagan will rule. That'll leave this one down to Brett Kavanaugh.
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    Too late - Colorado has already become the "California of the Rockies." Colorado was nice conservative state when I graduated from USAFA (1968) - reliably Republican and socially conservative. Now I really don't care if I ever visit Colorado again.
  16. Mr. Deez

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    To a great extent, what happened to California has happened there or is happening there. The GOP has lost its grip on suburban voters in the Denver and Boulder areas, and there has been a lot of growth of white hippies.
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  18. Mr. Deez

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    When I read this ... I can't help but wonder ... did the platform change?

    Is it the party's responsibility to keep numbers for the sake of numbers?

    OR ...

    Have people, with increasing numbers, decided to support a different (wrong in most cases) platform?

    I understand there's a marketing requirement to communicate and educate ... but ultimately, the voter has a responsibility to be educated in philosophy and issue.

    Colorado has become a big-govt state ... taking WAY more than they send to DC. But since government debt is good ... it's not a problem! (smh)

    ... bit of a tangent ... but after 16 years of gaining "preference points" in the Elk draw ... my younger brother FINALLY, as a non-resident, earned a "restricted area" hunting license (IE ... where all the Elk actually ARE) this year.

    So Colorado has ridden the back of the American taxpayer with it's BLM monstrosity ... and then has done everything it could as a State to restrict participation to residents-only. It costs me more as a Texas resident to hunt deer on my own property than it does a Colorado resident to hunt ELK ... in ... National Forest.

    I know who really "owns" the mountains ... and the game ...

    So we are going to go enjoy a trip together in remembrance of our recently departed father who got us started on these elk-hunting trips ... and we're gonna spend as close to ZERO on anything else in Colorado as humanly possible ... Gonna camp in a livestock trailer ... carry all our food and water. Will haul our own ATV fuel, too. I may even carry enough fuel for the truck ... Top-off in New Mexico ... then use fuel cans to get back to New Mexico.

    If we are fortunate to harvest an Elk ... pack that thing out ourselves ... and then goto New Mexico for a processor/taxidermist.

    Will be sure to deposit our trash bags in a Colorado refuse can, though.

    Colorado ... bunch of entitled pot-cranium hippies.
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    What was your source for your claim? Colorado DOES take more from the Fed than than they pay, but not near as much as gun toten' women hatin' Texas. As a matter of fact, the biggest mooches at the trough are the southern states, including Texas. Your claim is just flat outnot inaccurate.

    I know this goes against all that you claim, but almost all the net loser are blue states and almost all red states are the hogs at the trough.

    The 10 States That Give More to the Feds Than They Get Back

    Helps when you have a linky doesn't it.
  21. mchammer

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    Any serious analysis would exempt military funds as that money is spent on behalf of all citizens and it doesn’t really have a meaningful community impact.
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    Another detail to look into would be who eventually benefitted, moochers or Republicans?
  23. Seattle Husker

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    I'm always fascinated by which states receive more in services from the Feds than they pay in. It puts a spotlight on the true fiscal conservatives. Per this article only 11 states are net payers now...and Texas is a "taker" for those that don't want to click.

    The study methodology certainly has an impact.
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    This is a very touchy subject and I respect all the intense points on this thread....however, picking and choosing who you serve while in business gets way too close to "ok, if you're this color, you sit with these people in this section, and if you're that color, you can't come in the front door and you can't use our restrooms"...… I agree that suing these shop owners is over the top, but I think it's sort of misguided to not serve a paying customer.....
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    The government takes similar actions regularly.
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    You may not be well-versed in the baker case, but the issue is the customer demanding certain designs on his cake that the baker is not comfortable with. If anything , it is the customer who is bullying the proprietor.
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    Zucker, that's a fair point. However, I think we can draw the line when we're talking about custom work. I don't think a baker should just throw people out of his shop. However, when we're talking about individualized, custom work that requires his direct involvement, I think he has the right to serve whomever he wants.
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    It doesn't really highlight which states are more fiscally conservative. After all, the states don't set federal fiscal policy. What it really highlights is how the federal government prioritizes its spending money and from whom it tends to take. They tend to take a lot of money from wealthy people, and they tend to give a lot of money to poor and elderly people. That's obviously going to impact who's a net payer and who isn't.

    A state that has a lot of poor and old people but not a lot of rich people will tend to be a large net taker. A state that has few poor and old people will almost always be a net giver regardless of how rich it is. A state that has a lot of poor people and a lot of rich people will come close to balancing out. That's why, for example, though California is a net giver, it's not a big net giver per capital. I notice they count federal employee wages as taking, so states with a lot of federal employees (DC, Virginia, and Maryland) are net takers. If they dropped that angle I'm sure those states would be net givers.

    Franky the biggest surprise here is that Alabama is a net giver. I didn't see that coming.
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    I think a business owner should be able to do that if they want. They should also be able to allow smoking if they want. The free market will take care of them soon enough without the government telling them who they can and cannot serve and how to serve.
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    The baker isn't picking and choosing who they want to serve. They are picking and choosing what they want to serve. If the "aggrieved" went to Ford and demanded a rainbow colored car, should Ford make it for them?
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