The coming depopulation crisis

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Laphroaig10, Mar 26, 2009.

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    More from the "we're ******" department.

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    With a world population of 6.7 billion, I fail to see how this could be viewed as a bad thing. The real question should be what is the sensible number of people on the planet not how to multiply like bacteria in a petri dish until we all die in our excrement.
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    Hardly a bad thing. This needs to happen. Maybe we could all live sustainably instead of depending on rampant growth and depletion of all resources to survive.
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    Warren Buffet is likely celebrating this news. I tend to agree with him. On the other hand, America needs more immigration to up the volume of SocSec tax payers.
  5. Laphroaig10

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    Malthus is dead, guys.
  6. pasotex

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    The real question is whether he was right.
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    Immigration will save America, much to the dismay of the Right.

    If not, only the Octomom can save us now.
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    Immigration will save America, much to the dismay of the Right.

    legal immigration will help, its the illegals in far superior numbers that are costing us billions every year.
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    Modern farming depends upon three things: oil, phosphorus and fresh water. If you have enough oil you can actually replace the other two with it (i.e. the Gulf states burn twice as much oil as anyone else because they run giant desalination plants). Malthus's assumptions about agricultural productivity were proven wrong because we used oil, rock phosphorus/bat guano and dams/aquifers to drastically increase the amount of food that you can pull out of an acre. Oil and easy access to phosphorus will be gone in 150 years and fresh water will have difficulty meeting any more needs than it currently does (even as its ability to do so depends on oil).

    Modern civilization is very similar to a kid with training wheels- he thinks he can ride, but he has no idea how things work with two wheels rather than 4.
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    Laph- or anyone else, I read the link, but am a bit shocked to read this as its the first time I've heard of this. Has anyone here read (link needed) anything similar to this?

    As an energy investor I study resource depletion- including water. Having a natural reduction in population would be wonderful for a million reasons, and you wouldn't upset those concerned with birth control/abortion issues.

    One interesting phenomenon, our stock markets, based primarily off of large cap firms, have a growth model that typically has seen 5-8% returns. Much of this is dependent on a rising population. If populations stay steady or decrease, bonds, not stocks may be the way to go. And I agree with another poster, only legal immigration is good for this country.
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    Agreed- just because the planet in theory can support say 15 billion people doesn't mean its a world you want to live in. When I drive to Big Bend National Park, I don't want to see a Wal Mart and Barnes & Noble nearby.

    Just because we've evolved so much doesn't mean some of us don't have a need for unspoiled land- the way it was meant to be. When you're in Europe you get a sense that their population doesn't grow not just because of demographics- but also because they have decided through government policy to keep their countries as is with no more additional sprawl. It seems like every piece of ground in Europe has been set aside as farm land, national park, or high density living. Even their smallest cities have 4 story residential housing with retail on the first floor.

    Land is such a precious commodity- and I'd be thrilled if the population boom were to end in our lifetimes.
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  16. Laphroaig10

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    What we need to do is invade Canada -- they'd be caught completely offguard
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    If the world population started declining TOMORROW, I would freaking jump for joy.

    2040 is too far off. The world is already overpopulated. I fail to see how less procreation is a bad thing.
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    There is only one superhero that can save America from this crisis:

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    Fear not. The folks in the Quiverfull movement are aiming to ensure that American is repopulated with righteous, godly folk.

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    From Giovanni's link:

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    Deadhorse: That was a good one.
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    Wow...and all this time I thought the movie "Idiocracy" was a comedy....turns out it was a documentary.

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