the Conservative case for gay marriage

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by BigWill, Jan 12, 2010.

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    The reason it remains legal is because there is not a majority to over turn it.

    Mean while the US kills our own citizens at 1940's German rates.
    Wipe the population of California out. When I think of this I nearly think about siding with the words of Rev. Wright.
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    Let's not get off-topic on abortion.

    Do you know of the Court's levels of scrutiny and which of them, if any, apply to the gay marriage debate and how? You guys arguing that this is all about public will ignore how the Court works and how it decides these issues.
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    There is not a 'fundamental right' to marry animals, inanimate objects, or infants so clearly any fundamental right here is limited to some degree. The court has never let on that it considers bigamous unions possibly protected so the fundamental right does not necessarily apply even to all relationships among consenting adults.

    And, in case too many intervening posts have made anyone forget, I am against government involvement in marriage. Not out of some special right to marry I wish to see protected, but out of a general belief that John Doe should be left to order his life according to his own desires so long as it does not intrude into James's own personal life. I am for liberty even if it allows people to act in ways I would not. The government's purpose is to protect me from other people and other Peoples, not from myself.
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    Let it be known: JohnnyM's father raised a great son.
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    In reply to:

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    the right to file a joint return....the right of inheritance....the right to make medical decisions....the right to receive social security benefits, the right to give citizenship to a spouse, etc. So, why can't a gay couple receive the same rights?

    Why would you want ot file a joint return? you will probably end up paying more in taxes.

    you can inherit through a will

    yhou can make medical decisions through a power of attorney or living will

    what is preventing you from receiving social security benefits? I dont think they work like you think they do.

    ok, i give in, you cant give citizenship to pedro, your love slave.
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    Just for fun...

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    Yes, why would I want to be such a mean motherf*cker?

    Some folks like being that way. Most folks cannot view themselves that way, almost no matter what. Of course the political process is a slow one of opening eyes, a pair at a time, it seems.
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    I thought that the argument boiled down to the fact that it's nobody else's ******* business.
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    Coel - what happened to you? been 2 weeks. any further thoughts on the levels of scrutiny the court may use and how you think they apply, if at all?
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    I sure thought Arkansas was cool with the cousin thing.
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    and what rational basis do you think exists?

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    How was I wrong then? Or how am I wrong now?

    No constitutional right has been violated, and in that sense it is not a question of rights. If the public will is to be overturned, then I would think it would have to be because some right has been violated. In considering the issues, the court may consider it to be under a "topic" of rights because that is how the petitioners will frame it. But their framing that way doesn't make it so.
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    "Gotcha" style posts that pose questions such as "When were/are you wrong?" do little to advance the understanding of most topics. It is essentially a variation on the fallacy of argument by complex question. While I am not in favor of government regulation of marriage (as and for the reasons I have outlined above), I don't think Coel's opinion is less valid than mine or deserving of impolite and fallacious attack.
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    I enjoy seeing conservatives argue for rights and restrictions, esp behind religious views. A true sign that there is no conservative movement at all in the country. Sadly, there isn't a liberal or progressive one either. Just hot air and no one changing much.

    Watching a follower of Jesus, who claims God created the world, prop up a definition of marriage is just painful. There are people born gay and you, and your religion don't accommodate that. So instead you argue based on emotion, which is fueled from your religion, which teaches you that God created the world (and the gays) and you act against what you preach.

    Or are gays a representative of the devil? Or God didn't create everything? Or he did but gave man free will to go homo? Its a peculiar line of BS you travel on. It borders on illogical and then over to funny when you actually preach something different than how you act.

    Have fun.
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    Coel - what do you think the rational basis is for the policy then?
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    I wonder if people like you are A) enjoying themselves, or B) being themselves.

    I side with A. Politics is BS, but not for you. There is an improv show going on this week at Salvage Vanguard - give it a shot man. You could go and volunteer. I will heckle you for inspiration and await my refill. At least there random hot air is appreciated.
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