The Cowboys should cut Roy Williams!!!

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by KGhorn, Jan 13, 2008.

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    If you watch Roy Williams he is always out of position. The effort he made and the angle he took on the long Toomer touchdown was a joke. He is fat and slow and can't even cover a tight end. In fact, the New York Giants' radio team even joked that Roy Williams finally kept up with a receiver on one play, but it was a tight end. He is the most over rated player in the history of football! He should not even sniff a Pro Bowl, much less be voted to several Pro Bowls. When has anyone ever heard of a starting safety being pulled in nickel and dime packages, much less a Pro Bowl safety!!??

    Dallas has a great pass rush and Newman and Hamlin are studs and Henry plays well against big receivers. There is no reason that Dallas should be as porous as they are against the pass.

    Dallas should see if they can find some sucker team to give them any draft pick for Roy Williams, but I would be happy if they did what Jacksonville did with Leftwich and cut his *** to make a statement to the team.
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    While Roy didn't make the greatest plays ever today, you can't really put this loss on him. The Giants O-Line DOMINATED and allowed the Giants to run, a lot. The linebackers and D-linemen for Dallas did not do their part, and the Cowboys secondary got abused accordingly. Roy isn't the greatest cover guy ever, but the Cowboys were in a position to win on two separate occasions, and the Defense provided the second opportunity with GREAT field position. Romo totally blew it and lost his cool as his team came down the stretch with a deficit. Romo is good, but today he lost his head. not Roy's fault
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    NY o-line dominated and they ran alot??
    NY Giants Rushing
    B. Jacobs 14 54 3.9 1 10
    A. Bradshaw 6 34 5.7 0 11

    90 yds rushing is dominating vs the other team having 154 yds rushing.
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    More like Giants' D-Line dominated. Their D-Line was dominant vs. Patriots too.
  5. Genco

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    The Boys lost this games because of the Giants' D-Line and special teams.
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    He was also wearing long sleeves. *****.
  7. FirstTimeLurker

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    if only he could play the Longhorns and Texas Tech each week.
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    If he could only play college teams each week then he would be the greatest of all-time. However, in the NFL, well, not so much.
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    kettle pot black
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    There are just not a lot of clutch safeties available out there. Every defender on the Cowboys had a brain fart yesterday... it's just that Roy's always seem so much more apparent with his position duties.

    Getting rid of him is a start, but unless Ed Reed's available, there's not much any NFL team can do to improve their deep men.
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    I hope the Cowboys draft/free agent invite Drew Kelson
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    If you don't move him to Linebacker then get rid of him, having him in the secondary when he cannot cover my grandma is a joke. He is a good hitter but not a decent cover man.
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    I have to respectfully disagree that he is a good hitter. He used to be a good hitter. I believe he's lost all of his confidence. Case and point, the 0 hitch to (can't remember which receiver) early in the game. Instead of lighting his *** up, roy breaks down for fear of whiffing, the receiver squares him up, beats him, and gains several yards that should have been a no gain.

    And unfortunately, he's not a linebacker. He's too easy to block, and he dives at ankles all the time. He's no longer the type to stand somebody up in the hole.

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    He was drafted high in the 1st round to be a playmaker. That out of shape slow bastard never makes plays anymore. All I have heard in the last year was how Wade was going to put him in position to make plays that Parcells counldn't. Well I think it is obvious now that he cannot make plays in any system.
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    Those pro bowls give him a little bit of clout when it comes to leveraging him to another team.
  18. unpaintedhuffhines

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    Can we call him by his real name please. Evil Roy Williams. Thank you.
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    Manning didn't throw a lot of deep balls, but when he did, Williams was horrifically out of position. On the one to Burress that was overthrown, Burress had Reeves and Williams beaten by a good three yards.

    Of course, that raises the question of why you are guarding Plaxico Burress with Reeves and Williams to begin with, but that's a different issue.
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    ^ Sure, as long as you shop him to the following:

    Al Davis would take him (look what happened with Moss)

    Dan Snyder would take him (look what he paid Adam Archuleta)

    Find the teams with the dumb owners, then go for the throat.
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    If you could put him in similar coverage schemes to what Indy (with Bob Sanders) and New England (with Rodney Harrison)run, he could be more successful. They would allow him to come up and blitz on running downs and just worry about covering underneath and allow Hamlin to worry about deep coverages.

    wh [​IMG]
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    I agree with you 110%. He is the most overated player in the NFL. But, noone is going to be stupid enough to pick up his contract. I think we are stuck with him for a few more years. [​IMG]
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    Don't claim to be any expert on this, but I want him GONE. Trade him for a cheerleader from Florida or something.
  30. Genco

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    Christ I'd take the porkchop manning the hashbrowns at the Waffle House at this point.

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