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Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by Gardner Barnes, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Gardner Barnes

    Gardner Barnes 250+ Posts

    because I am a 4 year old and laughed when someone called me this today....

    f**khead you, you ************* fuckity f**khead f**khead.
  2. The Peoples Elbow

    The Peoples Elbow 250+ Posts

    that rules. what was the context?
  3. HornsHornsHorns

    HornsHornsHorns 500+ Posts

  4. Traffic

    Traffic 500+ Posts

    **** cock balls
  5. Hank_Kingsley

    Hank_Kingsley 100+ Posts

  6. po elvis

    po elvis 250+ Posts

  7. Summit104

    Summit104 25+ Posts

    "Also, no use of the so-called 7 Dirty Words. These are **********, ************, f**khead, ****, ****, cock, and *****."

    - Private Parts
  8. bighornfan32

    bighornfan32 100+ Posts

  9. 007 373 5963

    007 373 5963 100+ Posts

  10. HornsN04

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  11. FawltyTowers

    FawltyTowers 25+ Posts

    Heard this from some people in the stands bck in the 80's

    Mothefucker **********, eat a bag of ****
    Douchebag, cocklicker, suck yor mother's tit
    We're the best college, all the others suck
    Longhorns Longhorns, rah rah f**khead

    of course this WAS the student side
  12. Gardner Barnes

    Gardner Barnes 250+ Posts

  13. The Peoples Elbow

    The Peoples Elbow 250+ Posts

    so this person was actually being serious? that is great.
  14. llanoflash

    llanoflash 25+ Posts

    rat **** bat **** dirty old **** sixty nine ******** tied in a knot hoorayyyyy lizard **** f**khead.
  15. Gardner Barnes

    Gardner Barnes 250+ Posts


    you bet, without going into specifics, I used a political move to force his hand to get my way and close a $12MM sale onto my register rather than wait for an ELA.

    that was the best part of his 15 minute rant after he saw the register yesterday morning. THe 2nd best part was when he went Mike Tyson interview random and called me an "******* asscracker prick".

    When i started laughing he lost his mind.
  16. The Peoples Elbow

    The Peoples Elbow 250+ Posts

    that is fantastic. you are a golden god.

    if i had jedi powers, i would do **** like that all the time.
  17. Agamemnon

    Agamemnon 25+ Posts

    f**khead the ******* *******.
  18. Clever Username

    Clever Username 100+ Posts

    Sweet potato handjob
  19. mother ******, titty sucker, two-balled *****, can't suck a lady cuz your balls itch.

    that was from like when i was 5

  20. lowery21

    lowery21 250+ Posts

    He got upset over a $12 M&M? I would too, thats an outrageous price. At least tell me it was a peanut one.
  21. RACHorn06

    RACHorn06 < 25 Posts

    From the comments of Loser with Socks 5 worst SEC traditions thread.

  22. juicyfruit

    juicyfruit 25+ Posts

    i call **** poop.
  23. judgroybeanbag

    judgroybeanbag 500+ Posts

  24. judgroybeanbag

    judgroybeanbag 500+ Posts

    I'm tired of normal cuss words. I need a Roget's Profanisaurus..
  25. Gardner Barnes

    Gardner Barnes 250+ Posts

    That is why fuckity f**khead f**khead is so allsome. a completely new use of profanity.
  26. judgroybeanbag

    judgroybeanbag 500+ Posts

  27. balzac

    balzac 25+ Posts

  28. GakFoo

    GakFoo 500+ Posts

    i like the classics:



  29. Brak

    Brak 500+ Posts

  30. TXHornsWHAAT

    TXHornsWHAAT 25+ Posts

    **** piss f**khead **** ********** ************ tits fart dirty twat
    **** piss f**khead **** ********** ************ tits fart dirty twat
    **** piss f**khead **** ********** ************ tits fart dirty twat
    I ****** your moooommmm

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