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Discussion in 'Baseball' started by Chop, Feb 7, 2023.

  1. Chop

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    Pierce looking at expanding the Disch to hold more spectators. This is in expectation of more sellouts as we move into the SEC. Re: the big games at the Disch -- "It's been electric."


  2. Chop

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  3. guy4321

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    Baseball is probably the best part of the SEC move.
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  4. seb44

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    This baseball season is already sold out.
    They are going to be releasing SRO tickets the week of games per Del Conte's twitter account.
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  5. ViperHorn

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    If all of the pitchers get exposed or hurt in February, there will be plenty of tickets available.
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  6. seb44

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    I think there are tickets available now. Instead of offering single game tickets, I think UT just pushed them over to stub hub and are selling them there.

    Last year the games would show sold out but if you went to the box office a couple of hours before the game they would suddenly have plenty of tickets available.
  7. mchammer

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    Opposing team HR’s are quite souvenirs for fans.
  8. Chop

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  9. guy4321

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    Maybe I am missing something...

    "The current capacity is officially 7,373 but the Longhorns have boasted several crowds of 8,300+ since the renovation, most notably a college baseball record crowd of 8,502 for the facility in a NCAA Regional game versus Louisiana Tech on June 4, 2022.

    With the upcoming move to the SEC, where seven programs play in ballparks with capacities of over 7,000..."

    I think we're already set then as 7373 > 7000....
  10. Phil Elliott

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    In the 70s and 80s, DFF was *the* premiere college baseball facility. We got to host regionals sometimes because our facilities were the best more than our record said we deserved it. That is not so anymore. DFF is still a great place to watch a game, but others have caught up and sometimes passed us. I'm on board with anything that will put DFF back on top.
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  11. aUTfan

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    I just hope college baseball doesn't turn into the major league type ball parks, the great thing about college baseball is being able to sit so close to the field no matter what seat you get, its an amazingly under rated value with high end talent.

    But I have to say, moving to the SEC was an unbelievable move for baseball.

    Ole Miss
    Miss St.
    South Carolina
    Texas A&M

    That some pretty solid games right there, infinitely better than the Big XII. I dare say there isn't a team in the Big XII that would draw better than any of these opponents.
  12. Chop

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    It seems that we play LSU, Miss St, OU, and aTm well.
    But for some reason, Arkansas really 'has our number' in baseball.
  13. Chop

    Chop 10,000+ Posts

    And most of those teams have really good stadiums.

    Should we go to a grass field?
  14. aUTfan

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    I love seeing them play on grass on the football field and the diamond but no, not in Austin and only reason is for water conservation. Even though we can afford it doesn't mean we should. TBH, I think it's an advantage to our team secondarily.

    Arkansas has probably the strongest baseball support in the country, LSU might be the closest, and Arkansas hates us with every fiber. They have a really good coach.

    I'm not worried about Arkansas, like many rivals to Texas, our rivals put an awful lot of effort into one game or series and then fall apart like cheap toilet paper after eating bad mexican food. Texas will be in Omaha and compete for championships regardless of our record with Arkansas.

    Side note: I sat in the "Arkansas" section during the game in Arlington early last year, i had a great time but boy some of those folks can't take any ribbing, some of them absolutely hate Texas, we might as well be al Qaeda. The more I drank, the more I laughed. Those folks are obnoxious, even sober. They cheered like crazy when Arkansas made a double play, so about an inning later or so Texas did the same thing, i stood up and cheered and yelled out to the whole section i was sitting in why they didn't cheer loud for that double play? Waving my arms for them to stand up and cheer. crickets and lots of mean looks. It was a good game but we lost that one. (I might have been a little drunk by the end of that game, i was pounding them one after another).
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  15. ViperHorn

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    UT, that is what you get with those single-branch family trees.
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