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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by theiioftx, Nov 10, 2016.

  1. Brad Austin

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    You can't make this sh*t up. DT continues to be slammed for bold tweets and then it backfires on the outraged. Wiretaps, Dossier collusion, Uranium One, etc.

    Remember UK PM Theresa May recently condemning DT for tweeting vids of Muslim violence? Less than a week later...

    BREAKING: Islamist Terror Plot To Assassinate UK Prime Minister Theresa May Foiled

    Sky's Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt said: "It's the latest in a number of terror plots that police and MI5 believe they've foiled this year.

    "I understand that the head of MI5, Andrew Parker, briefed Cabinet ministers today, such is the seriousness of what they believed they have uncovered.

    "It is in essence an extreme Islamist suicide plot against Downing Street. Essentially police believe that the plan was to launch some sort of improvised explosive device at Downing Street and in the ensuing chaos attack and kill Theresa May, the Prime Minister."

    "This is something which has been pursued over several weeks at least by Scotland Yard, MI5 and West Midlands Police. It came to a head last
    week with the arrest of two men, by armed police, who earlier today were charged with preparing acts of terrorism."
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  2. Joe Fan

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  3. Joe Fan

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    The House allowed a vote on a resolution from a Democratic lawmaker to impeach the Trump

    Lost 364-58

    How demoralizing

  4. Joe Fan

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    The House has approved a bill making it easier for gun owners to carry concealed weapons across state lines.
  5. Brad Austin

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    Idk, apparently their are 58 mofos in charge of making our laws who are cool with impeaching POTUS without any evidence of serious infractions. That's pretty damn sobering how f'd up things have become in gov.
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  6. Seattle Husker

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    Impeachment doesn't require a crime per this blog post at the Cato Institute.
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  8. mchammer

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    I saw that Lloyd Dogshit voted for impeachment
  9. Brad Austin

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    I think that impeachment vote goes far beyond a partisan concern. These are members of the highest level of government pretty much deciding to vote to get rid of a president because they don't like the person or his/her policies.

    I dare say it's uncharted territory. As far as I know in the past you could bash POTUS on pretty much ever angle for points, but voting to upend the leader of the nation was a non-starter unless there was some seriously verifiable, nefarious behavior going down.
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  10. Phil Elliott

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    If the wife of the POTUS and the wife of the VPOTUS are eating at Whataburger, there is hope for this country yet.
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  11. Joe Fan

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    This attitude and conviction are how you get to Nov 1917 Russia, Jan 1959 Cuba, Apr 1975 Cambodia and countless banana republic turnovers. A certain segment of the population decides they are just going to do whatever they want.

    Let Hillary explain it

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  12. Mr. Deez

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    I'm actually surprised that only 58 voted for it.
  13. Brad Austin

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    I believe leadership preaching to refrain has kept the numbers somewhat in check. Pelosi and Chuckles are trying to save their load for 2019 when they believe they'll at least own the House.

    I may be giving them too much strategic credit, but their stalling could also be a calculation to force DT into a public impeachment trial in the Senate during his re-election campaign in 2019.
  14. Seattle Husker

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    We shouldn't impeach a POTUS simply because we don't like their policies. Yes, DJT is repeatedly embarrassing us on the world stage but that is also not something to impeach a POTUS for.

    Let the investigation play out to see if impeachment is warranted.

    DJT's profiteering off the POTUS role via breaking the emoluments clause is a significant area of concern.
  15. Joe Fan

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    Back in June 2016, Obama told a live audience Manufacturing Jobs were not coming back

    “When somebody says like the person you just mentioned who I’m not going to advertise for, that he’s going to bring all these jobs back. Well how exactly are you going to do that? What are you going to do? There’s uh-uh no answer to it. He just says. “I’m going to negotiate a better deal.” Well how? How exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually the answer is, he doesn’t have an answer.

    Then Trump sets a record of 40,000 Manufacturing Jobs in one month

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  16. Joe Fan

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    Public sector unions are the devil

  17. Seattle Husker

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    As if on cue. Mass murders occur...publicly say "we need to talk about bump stalks" then forget that and expand gun laws, in this case taking a federalism stance over states rights which is what gun owners claim is important to them.
  18. Joe Fan

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    Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts might be worse than the devil

  19. iatrogenic

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    I haven’t seen anything embarrassing on the world stage. I haven’t seen him bow down to Muslims, draw red lines he doesn’t enforce, fail to call Muslim terrorists terrorists, send Americans to help defeat Netanyahu in an election, take plastic “reset” buttons to Russia, fail to send help to Americans in grave need in Libya, publicly announce military plans, give up American influence to Russia, remove statues of our greatest allies from the Oval Office, get pushed around by China without doing anything significant to stop them, send pallet loads of CASH to our enemies, ignore immigration laws,etc. Doing those things would be embarrassing.

    DJT as you have been repeatedly told, cannot have conflicts of interest according to the law. Therefore, it is not an area of concern. Neither is “Russian Collusion”, which neither exists nor violates any law. In fact, I haven’t seen any proof that Russians had any effect whatsoever on the election. So let the investigation play out.
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  20. iatrogenic

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    Bump “stalks”?

    I thought the conservatives have always taken a Second Amendment stance when it comes to gun ownership, but maybe you and the NRA can clarify that for everyone.
  21. Joe Fan

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    Making America great again

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  23. Phil Elliott

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    Dude knows how to find the low-hanging political fruit and knock it out of the park.
  24. Joe Fan

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    I guess Pensacola got some snow?

  25. Garmel

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  26. Seattle Husker

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    This would be laughable if the FCC wasn't serious.

    FCC, FTC announce partnership to police internet after net neutrality repeal

    This is an explicit admission that the FCC and FTC KNOW ISP's will quickly violate their pledges not to prioritize content.

    I agree with this:
    Republicans, yes I'm pointing the finger at them are selling out the internet to Corporate interests. This is worse than anything the Republicans have passed so far in the Trump administration.
  27. Joe Fan

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    By next week, Trump will have installed 12 judges to the Circuit Courts.

    Obama got 3 in his first year
  28. Joe Fan

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    Small business optimism index rises to 107.5 last month (its highest reading since July 1983) versus 103.8 in October.

    Optimism or “animal spirits” as economists like to say drive risk-taking, production and growth.

  29. Seattle Husker

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    This is a good thing.

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