The Jalopy and Calbi Fusion Tacos

Discussion in 'Around Austin' started by Texas0407, Apr 29, 2010.

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    What is the deal with all these food carts and trucks opening up in Austin lately? They're everywhere. Recently, I checked out two of them for lunch. I think they're both worth trying...The Jalopy
    18th and Guadalupe. Pretty good panini-type sandwiches. A couple of young recently out of college kids opened up shop. Rotisserie chicken + delicious sandwiches + big mack truck = the jalopy.

    Calbi Fusion Tacos

    15th and San Antonio. Pork, chicken, shrimp, beef tacos with sesame seeds and sriracha hot sauce. Good, but kinda small so you need to get two or three.

    Anyone been to either? I hope they both make it. I'm tired of eating at the regular downtown lunch spots.

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    If you want to open up an eatery in Austin either you do it in a trailer or you're a nobody.
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    Tokyo has lots and lots of food carts / stands. Chefs, very good chefs will have them and it is not looked down on either. They may not have the capital for a restaurant or financial backing. They may just not want to deal with a restaurant and all that goes into it with staff, etc.

    Here it is sort of the same thing regarding capital. It gives people the chance to set up and get a reputation and clientele. I had not heard of those two places but am now interested. I may pedal over and check one out this weekend. You had me at Sriracha.

    I love this idea and I generally love food carts. Common sense has to be used and I guess hunch as to the safety of a particular one. I will eat off of carts, some of them, when in any part of Mexico. I even ate off of them in Hong Kong. There were some that were automatically approved and some I did not even walk on the same side of the road for fear the mere smell may make me sick. (kidding)

    From what i hear, the best brisket and maybe all around BBQ in Austin right now is a cart. Thank you for the info on these two. Maybe others can add their favorite or new carts.

    I want to try the cupcake one someday.
  4. Texas0407

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    l00p, are you talking about Franklin?
  5. l00p

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    Yes. I have not yet gotten to try the brisket but from a couple of sources I trust I have heard it's the best brisket in town. One day I will remember to make it over there before he runs out of meat. I only live about 1 mile from there so there really is no excuse.

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    I've been thinking about selling cabrito out of my Airstream. Would I have any Hornfans takers?
  8. Larry T. Spider

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    My wife has a cousin that started Texas Cuban. Its pretty far from me so I havent tried it yet (soon though). Anybody been there before?
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    I've eaten at both Jalopy and Calbi recently.

    Calbi has great breakfast tacos. Haven't had their lunch yet.

    Jalopy samiches are tasty. Really nice people. I wish their portions were a little bigger but they are still worth it.
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    Last night's episode of No Reservations on the Travel Channel had Anthony Bourdain visiting East Side Kings, Gourdough's and Odd Duck Farm to Trailer. (Also Perla's.)

    I'd eat that. [​IMG]

    Here's a Link.

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