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Yeah, she wasn't worth it.

So Polish chicks don't do any freaky **** that we don't know about? I kinda wondered.

In all fairness to her, I think the transition started for him before they married. I think a lot of it came from working at MSNBC. I know it wasn't always the hard left network it is not, but it always leaned left and wasn't going to keep any conservative who didn't act ashamed of his ideology. Kinda like working for the Times.
Tillman gave up a pro football career to go into the service. The list of past recipients is mostly made up of people who did the same or were severely injured while in action. Harry was recognized not for his service (10 years in, but very protected service even in the war zone), but for the Invictus Games.

The Tillmans' problem is they evidently gave up the right to object to the award.
Since the Invictus Games, a VERY worthy event, was inspired by the Warrior Games, an American event, I hope the founders of Warrior Games have already received the Pat Tillman award.

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