The new basketball arena

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by kurupt, Nov 9, 2019.

  1. kurupt

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    Looks pretty good.

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  2. Jacob Johnson

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    Based on the animated pictures I saw what I really liked about it was its not big and separated like the erwin center. Its a big arena but it gives you the Gregory gymnasium feel with the crowd being closer and everyone together
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  3. kurupt

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    This also happened this week.

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  4. racerx5908

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  5. kurupt

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  6. JoeDallas

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    They sure must be proud of their name. The basketball arena will joint Moody Coliseum and Moody Library at SMU, and I believe some building at Rice. I think there are other Moody institutions around the state, also, but they are not coming to mind.
  7. DFW_Horn

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    Do you even UT, bro? Moody College of Communication? ;)
  8. flash34

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    The Moody Foundation is loaded. About $2B loaded. Today's DMNews discusses a new $100 million commitment to SMU for a new part of its graduate programs. The Foundation was funded by great grandpa whose money is big in insurance. One of the grandsons is a grad of UTAustin and one of the granddaughters is a SMU grad and on several leadership boards there. It mentions past contributions and most are academic but with $20 million for Moody Coloseum SMU basketball upgrade in 2011. Also the article mentions the $130 million for our new arena. The Moody Foundation is headquartered in Galveston but has a Dallas office as well. Not sure what else. They have given more than $1.5 B to colleges over the recent past. They are ALL-IN on education.
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