The night they "discovered" Buddy Holly..............

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    From the Traces of Texas facebook page........

    "Today in 1955 (65 years ago) Buddy Holly opened for Elvis Presley at the Big D Jamboree at Lubbock's Cotton Club. A talent scout named Eddie Crandall was in the audience and arranged for Holly to audition & record demos for the Decca. Here's a photo of Elvis performing that night at the Cotton Club. Edit: I said that the Cotton Club was in Slaton at that time but in fact it was at the corner of 50th street and Railroad Avenue in Lubbock. Thanks to Lyndell Kenney for setting me straight!"

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    Wow LaHorn
    Incredible pic.
    Winder who the kid is?
    And the dude with can of beer looks like he is over his limit
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