The Oakland Raiders being the Oakland Raiders

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by biganakhanhda, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. biganakhanhda

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    Selected Pryor in the Third round in the supplemental draft.

    My initial reaction? The Raaaaaiiiiidderssss.......nothing surprises me anymore with each decision Al Davis makes.

  2. Whiterock Horn

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    I was expecting to read about the fighting and shootings following this week's game. Either way, a very appropriate thread title.
  3. CanaTigers

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    All you had to do was look at Pryor's 40 time to know the Raiders would be taking him. That is Viagra to Al Davis.
  4. mcbrett

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    I lived in San Diego for 2 years- every year when the Raiders came to visit- bad things happened. A sweet, middle aged woman in my office was assaulted at the stadium by a Raiders "woman" in Raider gear..San Diegans, who are classy by nature, were attacked all the time by Raider fans at games; many chose to stay home for this one game.

    Their fans are one notch above a street gang, and, my apologies to street gangs everywhere.
  5. Dionysus

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    What is the psychology with fans (Raiders, tOSU, etc) that makes them self-identify so strongly with a sports team that they’ll become violent about it? My theory is that they’re ******* idiots who suck at life.
  6. Third Coast

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    speedy demon.

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