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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by TempestHorn, Jun 11, 2022.

  1. TempestHorn

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    Our future conference approved the scheduling format for WBB. This format doesn't really excite me.

    Six SEC sports future scheduling formats are approved
  2. utfannforlife

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    Wonder why mens and women’s play in a different format
  3. Born in ATX

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    Thanks for posting TempestHorn. I wondered how this would work. I guess they probably had to do this to allow each team to get its preferred non-conference scheduling done. We played 12 non-conf. games last season, 18 conf. games + 3 conf. tournament games. If we played home & homes will all SEC conf. teams, that alone would be 30 games. And if we went into pods, that likely wouldn't be fair. The only thing I think is odd is the one rotating home and away. To me, if you are going to do that, you might as well let us go play another preferred non-conf. opponent. It will be strange only seeing teams here every other year, but I guess we'll have to live with that. Vic is likely going to still schedule a mix of cupcakes and elite teams in non-conf. play. And I guess our conference schedule will be a little tougher. But this is one sport for sure that I think we'll thrive in with the change of conferences, as our coach has been there before.
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    I’m relieved there’s no pods. Never enjoyed the North/South Divisions in the Big 12 when the South was stacked with powerhouses and beat up on each other twice in the regular season while the top North team(s) had an easier conference schedule
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    I'm disappointed that the Big 12/SEC Women's Basketball Challenge was ended. But I look forward to ACC/SEC Women's Basketball Challenge that will begin next year and incorporate Oklahoma and Texas once they join the conference.

    SEC also ended the Big Ten/SEC Men's Basketball Challenge. It'll be ACC/SEC Challenge for men's as well.

    But I do note ACC has 15 teams with Notre Dame, SEC will have 16 once Oklahoma and Texas joins. Someone will miss out each year.

    ACC/SEC hoops challenge to kick off in 2023-24
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  6. DFW_Horn

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    Added an important note. Until I read the article, I thought Texas and OU (sux) would be joining next year - before officially transitioning to the SEC.

    "The ACC/SEC Challenge will feature 28 games across men's and women's basketball until 2025-26, when Texas and Oklahoma join the SEC and the event expands to 30 games."
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  7. loyallonghorn

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    Sorry for the confusion. I've edited it to make it more clear.
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