The SEC is a good conference, but we're Texas

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by ptownhorn, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. ptownhorn

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    Soon to be words spoken by Colt McCoy in post game interview.
  2. GHoward

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    <Kanye> Hey, SEC i'm really happy for ya, Imma let you finish, but Texas had the best season of all time.<kanye>
  3. HornBud

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    were Texas to what? Is there a question here?
  4. 01 grad

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    In reply to:

  5. ptownhorn

    ptownhorn 1,000+ Posts

    ha ha, yeah, i thought about that after i wrote it but had to get back to work.

    thanks for FIFY :)
  6. Texas Taps

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    Wrong! Colt knows the difference between "Were" and "We're"
  7. ptownhorn

    ptownhorn 1,000+ Posts

    jesus, ill fix it.. [​IMG]

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