the tapestry that is Mack Brown

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Burnt Orangeman, Oct 28, 2012.

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    I'm as critical as anyone about Mack Brown.
    I think the game has passed him by.
    I don't think he's doing this for the money.
    What could money mean to him at this point? He's old, he's set for life, his kids are set for life and his grandkids are set for life.

    I think he wants the longhorns to return to greatness as much or more as anyone in Longhorn nation. And of course he wants to be an integral part of that but I think he is slowly coming to the realization that its not going to happen that way.

    When Case threw the go ahead pass with 12 seconds to go, he went to Mack on the sideline and there was no exuberance or joy on Mack's face. He merely patted him on the back and kept his eyes on the field. But whatever he was looking for on that field was not there.
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    Ditto B O. [​IMG]
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    I think Mack decided the football gods owed him a second NC, after Colt got hurt, and we came so close even with GG. He would reload, and be back in no time at all.

    In hindsight, the reality is that the football gods met and decided that Mack was only allowed one superman QB to win a NC in his coaching career.

    Imo, Mack is desperately trying to prove he can win something, even just a conference championship, without a superman QB.

    But no dice. My guess would be that Mack's goal should be to leave the program in better shape than he found it. Sounds reasonable. But he better retire fast, if that is to happen.

    Macovic's last year 4-7, correct?

    Right now we're three plays from being 3-5. Bergeron's non-fumble against OSU, Bergeron's fumble, recovered by us against Baylor, and yesterday Case's INT dropped by KU.

    Right now I dont' care if Mack goes out on a winning note or not. I was at both DKR's and Fred's last games. I wanted DKR to go out a winner, because he had never had a losing season. Success, beat the Hogs to finish 5-5-1.

    Fred, good grief does anybody else remember all of the aggy cars with "keep Fred" on them? Wow, I just wanted to be there to watch his last game. It was over for him unless he pulled out a miracle and won. The game wasn't nearly as close as the score, I think the score was 17-3.

    He has to figure out how he wants to go out. Nobody is going to make him go out. Maybe he could somehow get lucky, 7-5 and get even luckier; win the bowl game, and he could declare things are in good shape, time to go, football isn't fun anymore?
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    While I agree with most of the op, you must not have seen the replay of Mack as we scored the go ahead touchdown. He nearly jumped out of his skin, and I saw him give Case a big hug when he returned to the sideline.
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    I believe there is a better chance of Mack leaving after a 10-3 season, than a 6-7 season. He simply will not leave this thing at "rock bottom". We need to pray for as many wins as possible. Then a satisfied/justified Mack may ride off into the sunset.
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    coaches are competitive. coaches have egos. they think they can fix whatever has gone wrong provided they get the time and resources they need.

    no doubt mack feels the same. he's not going to leave willingly unless he's "fixed" the issues.
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    check out Brian Kelly on the sidelines after one of those Notre Dame TDs... his hands went up, his feet lifted off the ground... his face broke out with exclamations!! He was exuberant!!! [​IMG]

    For today's press conference, Mack rolled off numbers so fast, and due to the delivery I could not remember or retain a single fact.
    Like a check list from co-pilot hurrying to get off a short field...
    3rd down conversions .. check
    turnovers .. check
    4th down conversions .. check
    better defense in second half .. check

    Press conference stats .. check [​IMG]

    Late today, Erin Hogan (104.9 FM / ESPN Austin) said, words to this effect, "Things will change when we go from accounting to accountability." So, my point said another way.
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    Mack never has one done so little with so much.
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    Mack should just quit giving press conferences.
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    he's lost me. today's presser was the straw that broke the camel's back.

    he wasn't even a tiny bit upset about that steaming pile that was the kansas game.
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    I dont' know about a moral defeat, I'm just trying to show what our coaching staff is putting out there.

    If you grant that our talent is 10-2 or 11-1 talent, then you must look at the other side of the equation.

    The product that is being put on the field is about 4-4, possibly 3-5. Imo, we just got lucky, and are 6-2. I expect every team to get up for us, and we should end up 6-6.

    Freedom Bowl Massacre II might/might not occur. I woulldn't be surprised either way, but I don't see what motivates players to play hard for a coach that coached them to a 6-6 record.

    This is very similar to Fred's final year. The huge difference, of course, is that Fred didn't have a NC to fall back on. He could have, but injuries killed his chances. If Edwin Simmons had not been born with such messed up legs, heightwise, he would have remained healthy, and had he started the CB against Georgia, Fred would have had a NC from 1983.

    Fred finished 5-6 in his last year. It was over, everybody knew it. The difference here is that nobody knows when this thing will end. Is Mack Bobby Bowden II?

    On TV, I saw Deloss on the field at the end of the OU game. I've never seen Deloss on the field at the end of a game before. Does this mean anything?

    Will Mack pull something out of the hat? I guess he could name Akina DC for the remaining 3 games after we get blown out at Tech?

    I think we should pay closer attention to Dodds at the ends of games, especially if we do lose down the stretch. I think Dodds' demeanor could prove more foretelling than Mack's.
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    This thing is over for Mack Brown. He has managed to take this program back to where it was under Mackovic. UT football is being joked about on ESPN and every sports talk show in the state of Texas. It is not going to be up to Mack to decide when to go. That train has already left the station. The big donors are going to be pushing for a replacement. There is no way big donors want to constantly be abused by their counterparts from other major schools. This team will most probably finish 6-6, but it could be 7-5 if we get lucky.
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    Horns the time is to unite. Boo hoo, the team could have more losses and Mack is too old. Stop acting like aggies and support this team. This team will win Saturday and Mack will retire. So stop complaining and start supporting this team. We are not a group of crybaby losers so stop acting like it. If you want to act that way end East. Hook'em horns
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