The Texas Defense is Mediocre

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by El Torito, Oct 11, 2021.

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    The defense played good enough to win. 14 points on the offense.
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    The defense is just like the rest of the Big 12....poor...Only OSU may be decent not good
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    Accurate summation El Torito
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    Prodigal makes a valid point. Most of the better defensive talent is in the secondary. Arguably our best LBer - Overshown - was originally recruited and played in the secondary, but spun into an LBer. Jones is injured and out (as was Overshown early in the game). As I said in the original post, we are thin in quality and depth (hence the transfers), which makes for a mediocre defense. We are one injury away (especially up front) from a real drop in performance on the field.
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    I take it that you watch on TV and not in the stadium. Part of the defense's problem (not limited to BJ) is K canNOT get the defensive call in on a timely basis. How many times (particularly against OU and oSu) have our LBs & DBs been looking at the sideline while the offense is lined up? My advice to the kids is if they break the huddle and K doesn't have the defense called, RUN YOUR OWN!

    As for BJ, I met the kid while he was still in HS. He reminds me of Stanley Richards, who wanted to quit because the fans were so critical of him, BUT he was playing out of position. Another year, he is placed where he belongs and first round pick of Chargers.

    Yes, my patience is running thin with K, but he was dealt no trumps or face cards.
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