The virus has done a number on recruiting and MLB evaluations

Discussion in 'Baseball' started by MajesticII, May 12, 2020.

  1. MajesticII

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    What a shame for young kids in high school baseball and select club baseball. Can't showcase their talent...Can't even play to hone their skills....This is really wrecking their sports life. So very sad.
  2. Jacob Johnson

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    Just curious... has any of the 2020 seniors announced they will be returning for 2021??
  3. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    The select organizations will figure out how to get it done. My daughter is a senior playing at the highest level of select softball and playing in college next year. Our organization as well as the other 4-5 top level programs in Texas has basically ordered their teams to not travel out of state to form the Texas Fastpitch League. My daughters team cancelled tournaments in Oklahoma, Colorado and South Carolina. I was very disappointed in the SC cancellation because that was for the Junior Olympics Cup...Oh well. Any select team can join TFL, but will probably be dominated by the top organizations.

    All of the tournaments, games, etc will be played in Dallas, Austin area & Houston. Distancing guidelines will be enforced although they haven't figured out the dugout situation yet. This league is trying to start at 12U up to 18U, but not many 12U teams have opted in. I guess those young families don't want to do anything. All games played will be streamed so folks who don't want to travel can still watch their kids or grand kids play. It cost's a small fee to stream the games except for college coaches its absolutely free.

    There are many more details, but my point is these organizations are fighting for their business lives just like every other business. They'll figure out a way to get the players into locations and position for coaches to evaluate them. It really really sucks, but adapt and overcome or fail. That's the way it is right now.

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