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Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by CanaTigers, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. CanaTigers

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    Anyone seen this? I wasn't really expecting much but it is really a pretty good movie. Mickey Rourke is very believable as the washed up wrestler type. I grew up around several of these guys back in the 80's and it is a pretty accurate picture of their lives.
  2. badexcuse

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    Saw the preview and had no idea that was Mickey.
  3. jshep34

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    great movie. rourke was great in it,
  4. wolfman

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    I read a review on it today and Mickey Rourke was drawing losts of praise. Sounds like it does a good job of showing the down side of pro wrestling.
  5. No ACL

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    when and where is this going to be showing anywhere in the Houston area? I have tried the search function on their website and it says no dice
  6. Dionysus

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    The Houston Press mag had a good article on it, including some of an interview with Rourke about his career, warts and all. Sounds pretty powerful. Director Aranofsky told Mickey basically to get his **** together and he (Aronofsky) would get him an Oscar nomination. Really good article. I will definitely see this.
  7. Lone_Star

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    How was Marisa Tomei as the stripper? I heard that she revealed quite a lot of herself in this movie. I'd like to see it for that reason alone.

  9. CanaTigers

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    She gets nekkid and it ain't bad for her age.
  10. Homesickhorn

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    Saw the trailor and will definitely see this movie. However, when did Mickey Rourke start looking like Shannon Tweed?
  11. Carr_Throws_Far

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    apparently he hated being a sex symbol, so that was when he took up boxing. He supposedly wanted to get his face bashed in. Then it appears he had second thoughts, and tried to fix it with plastic surgery. Doesn't look like that helped much.
  12. HatDaddy

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    Dang, barely recognize that guy.
  13. DCLonghorn

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    The finance and I are going to see it tomorrow night.
  14. Texas0407

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    This is a must-see. It's depressing and difficult to watch, but is a really great film. And Marisa Tomei gets naked.
  15. BigWill

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    if she eats an ice cream cone naked I'm there.
  16. johnny chimpo

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    Lot's of 80's metal in the movie too. He makes his entrances to "Metal Health." Very cool.
  17. CanaTigers

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    It's not the feel good movie of the year.
  18. RockyBalboa

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    When he cut his hand on the slicer, was it accidental or did he intentionally slam this finger in there? It looked intentional to me, but I wasn't sure.
  19. CleverNickname

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    Awesome movie. Really liked it.

    I think he did his finger intentionally. Or accident on purpose. Mirrors him cutting in the ring.
  20. Ramathorn

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  21. Hornin Hong Kong

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    "I wasn't really expecting much but it is really a pretty good movie"

    You werent expecting much?
  22. Texas0407

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    Great movie, I hope Rourke takes home the Oscar. Plus you get the bonus of metal tracks by Quiet Riot, Accept, GNR, and Ratt.

    Plot point

    One of my favorite moments was the long tracking shot of him walking to the deli counter; not sure if it was necessary to have the crowd noise. Guess Aronofsky wanted to make sure everyone got the juxtaposition of the thrill of entering the ring vs. the mundane act of punching into work.
  24. TornACL

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  26. Hans Sprungfeld

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    i'd say the best part was him and the daughter at the old boardwalk.

    it was a place that used to be a lot of fun, but now it's falling apart and no one has much use for it.

    also, it would be bad *** if they released that wrestling nintendo game as a promotional item.

    FAST FRED 500+ Posts

    Saw "The Wrestler" today and really liked it.

    Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei were very good.

    He bares his soul and she shows some skin.

    All the plot elements in this screenplay have been seen in numerous movies before, except for maybe the wrestling action, but the realism, interesting cinematography and good acting made it a worthwhile flick for me.

    I haven't seen anything in a theater that satisfied my personal tastes more in a while.

    I liked it better than "Gran Torino."

    It was like a "Rocky" movie with realism rather than heroics.

    Good soundtrack, too.
  28. UTFanFromAZ

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    Just saw it...excellent movie!
  29. halsteadfrost

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    Just saw it and really liked it. I didn't expect it to be as down as it was throughout the movie, but I thought the whole plot progression worked.

    Spoileresque things:

    I thought it was obvious he cut his finger on purpose. He wanted to feel real pain instead of this emotional pain he'd been going through for the past day. It was similar to what he said at the end about how he doesn't get hurt in the ring only outside it.

    As for the ending, was I the only one bugged by it? I didn't mind the up in the air ending, but the black simply lasted too long. It did it's job initially of me thinking "hmm, did he make it or not?", but then it lasted so long without credits I started thinking he was in a hospital and was going to open his eyes, then so long I started wondering if the film broke. I know when I saw the final episode of Sopranos I knew how it ended before watching it so I was prepared, but now I guess I know how everyone else felt with the cut to black.
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