There are no words for this derangement.

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    This woman takes TDS to new heights.
    " I Was Kicked Off The Harry Potter Ride For Being Too Fat For The Seats"

    from link

    "I refuse to take on the additional guilt of not having gotten into Harry Potter until I was 35.
    "It was the depression and disgust surrounding Donald Trump’s election that sent me into a YA fantasy endurance run where I went so far as to purchase an armchair for my round-the-clock bedroom reading."

    so this apparently large person goes to Universal Studios to ride the Harry Potter rides only to find she is too fat. The safety features need to click down 3 times but hers could only click once.She was not allowed to ride.

    If Trump had not be elected she would never have gotten into Harry Potter and therefore would not have been forced to admit she was too fat to ride a Harry Potter ride.
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