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Discussion in 'West Mall' started by I35, Jul 22, 2016.

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    A face book friend asked everyone to do a social experiment. He asked everyone to go to FB and look at the pages of Donald, Hillary and he added in Bernie Sanders. Then you look at the likes and see how many of your mutual friends like those pages. Right now here are the results with their initials of his friends that participated.

    G.A. = T-80, C-12
    A.L. = T-37, C-0, S-24
    W.C. = T-104. H-20
    C.H. = T-103, H-4
    C.T.B = T-19, C-11, S-10
    S.C. = T-15, H-5, S-28
    K.N. = T-58, H-13, S-38
    M.E.W.= T-30, H-7
    L.N.T = T-6, H-19, S-18, Johnson-1, Stein-0 (whoever that is)
    S.S.= T-34, H-1, S-2, Johnson - 6
    C.D. = T-93, H-23
    J.M. = T-26, H-35, S-45, Johnson 65

    So I went in and did it and it came out T-62, H-1, S-5. So I searched to make sure I was on Hillary's Public FB page and I was. But while searching for other Hillary pages I found one that said "Hillary for Prison" and it had 3. If you have FB do a quick look and post it. I'd like to see if the Libs tend to hang around libs more and republican friends tend to hang around Rep more.
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    I would think this is a no-brainer. Don’t most people tend to hang with like-minded others?
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    Maybe. But then the original poster and his girl friend are Hillary supporters? Their friends had a total of T-667, H-150, Bernie 185 (only 7 put Bernie in their totals). I guess they want to hang around the smart people more often that just so happens to vote for trump. :smile1:
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