This is the worst coached team wearing Burnt Orange in any sport I have ever seen

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by SabreHorn, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Joe Fan

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    I hate to see it
    But dont blame him
    He was sat and sort of forgotten for a chunk of the season
    But his end of year shooting got the attention of other schools
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  2. Joe Fan

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    Maybe Kaiser Bob Weltlick was not a horrible Xs and Os coach, but my gosh his teams were boing
    Painful to sit through
    Nothing to cheer for
    No fun, for anyone
    And they lost a lot of games
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    My 2 cents -- I think they both earned it. And would even say both coaches were allowed to stay too long. That was not the problem. The problem was their replacements. More specifically, I think our problem was that we let Stevo Patterson pick their replacements. Steve obviously had an agenda. And he got what he wanted. I suspect that is all he really cared about. I envision him with an evil LOL when he thinks about what he did here.
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  4. Htown77

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    ^ Bill Powers picked the replacments, not Steve Patterson. Steve Patterson only wanted $ and he needed winners to make $. I honestly believe Steve Patterson wanted to fire Charlie Strong after he lost the game at Notre Dame so bad, and wanting Strong fired then and there is what got Patterson.

    This is not to defend SP. He is the worst athletic director we ever had. However, I do not believe he chose either coach. That was Bill Powers and his legacy.
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  5. LonghornCatholic

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    Can't blame Young for transferring. Offense and program is too stagnant.

    Good move.
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  6. Joe Fan

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    Is this true?
    Ive noticed my mind will subconsciously blank out painful memories
    I thought they kind of made a point of saying they were Stevo's picks
  7. Htown77

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    My understanding was that for football, Steve did not want to fire Mack Brown and his replacement choice was Bill O’Brien, but he was overruled on both.
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    honest question because I keep reading about it. what was Patterson's agenda?
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    if true then the guy wasn't so uninformed as he's made out to be
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    well that's your opinion but there were certainly way more than one. lol. in fact the amount was absurd. and the point is Barnes was terrible with x's and o's. tenn isn't becoming a powerhouse, I can tell you that
  11. SabreHorn

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    Find a way to:

    1) Build the new arena with city money, proclaim how great he is, thus having the arena named "Stevie the Great Palace"

    2) Siphon off as much cash as he could from the donors to proclaim himself the greatest fundraiser in NCAA history to help overshadow his total incompetence.

    3) Endear himself to all the BMDs, while fleecing them, to pay his father $2 million a year to unfuck the cluster he created.

    4) Find a way to repay Billie Powers for being stupid enough to hire him in the first place.

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  12. zuckercanyon

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    I think it was a political move both times when Strong and Smart were hired, which is not a valid reason to hire anyone.
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  13. txlandagent

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    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Hamm or Banks transfer too. Roach is probably gone. Davis is done. Osetkowski experiment is tits up.

    Texas is going to be a massive dumpster fire next year.
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    Depends on how the incoming class plays. And if Jones plays. And if O stops regressing. And if Sims develops (he could be a monster. And if Davis is back. Coleman will be really good. Febres May realize his potential. Shaka may respond to being on the hot seat. An assistant worth a damn may be hired in light of that. A lot of ifs basically
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  15. Joe Fan

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    Here is a long 247 report about the time leading into the end of Mack Brown. It offers a good refresher.

    This is the way I remember it -- Dodds had Brown's back and Powers had Dodds'. Dodds knew Brown had to be fired but was too much of a coward to do it himself. So he created a special position for himself so he could still hang around and get paid, enjoy the perks without having to do the actual job. Enter Stevo --

    "When the Kansas Jayhawks strode into Darrell K Royal–Texas Memorial Stadium to play the Texas Longhorns on the first Saturday in November, the surrounding Forty Acres was in a state of unprecedented upheaval. University of Texas head coach Mack Brown had followed three dissatisfying seasons with a calamitous start to the current one, and though he appeared to have righted the ship—his Horns had reeled off four straight wins, including a thrashing of OU—many fans seemed to be rooting for him to lose and make way for a new regime. Brown’s buffer at Belmont Hall, longtime athletic director DeLoss Dodds, had recently announced his retirement, and his champion at the Main Building, university president Bill Powers, was locked in a pitched battle with a faction of the nine-member board of regents who sought his ouster, all of them appointees of former Aggie yell leader Rick Perry. Even this Kansas game, a presumed gimme, wasn’t going quite right. After a sluggish first quarter, the Horns had found the end zone twice in the second, only to give up a late Jayhawks drive and field goal to close the half.

    Not one bit of that turmoil was evident in Joe Jamail’s suite at DKR, and certainly not on the face of its host—and not because Jamail didn’t have a dog in those hunts. One of the most generous benefactors in UT history, he counts Brown, Dodds, and Powers among his dearest friends. More to the point, he’s Brown’s personal attorney; any move to ax Mack will have to go through Jamail. But since he also happens to be the greatest trial lawyer who ever lived—and damn well aware of it—he doesn’t let such trivial weekday irritants as Perry and his regents intrude upon game day. When the first half ended, he grabbed his cane and whipped off the eye patch he wears to help him focus on the field—his halting gait and failing vision being the only indicators that he really is 88 years old—and started moving through the skybox, directing his guests to get another drink....
    * * *

    According to Jamail, Powers’s job is safe. “As I understand it, Perry can’t get the five votes he needs to get rid of him.” But that hardly tempered Jamail’s distaste for Perry loyalists. “I think Wallace Hall is an imbecile,” he said, referring to the UT regent who personally launched an investigation of Powers and the UT Law School Foundation’s controversial loan program with a series of massive open-records requests—for which he is now himself being investigated by the state House for misuse of office. Just as irksome to Jamail, Hall also reached out to Alabama coach Nick Saban’s agent to gauge Saban’s interest in replacing Brown. “Mack called me when that happened, and everybody saw my statement: You want to f— with his contract? Get ready to be sued.

    “If Mack decides to leave,” he continued, “I’m sure Saban will look at the job. But right now Mack has no intention of leaving. The regents have said they’ve no intention of firing him. Powers has said it. DeLoss has said it. The ex-students’ association is totally behind him, and that’s the alumni. Red McCombs and I are behind him, and that’s a lot of money. There’s a vocal minority of fans who’ve booed him here recently, but hell, I’ve heard them boo when we’re winning. They used to boo Chris Simms when we were thirty points ahead. Mack’s contract runs through 2020. I know; I drew it up. If he feels like he’s played his string out before that, he’ll quit. But Mack will go out on his terms. The rest of this is ********.”
    And here is the funny part of that article, where Jamail compares many of you here to the people who caused 9/11 --

    " .... They’d go on to win 35–13, buying Brown one more week of relative calm. But in subsequent weeks, after the Horns squeaked by woeful West Virginia 47–40 in overtime and then got drummed by Oklahoma State, 38–13—the most lopsided home loss of Brown’s tenure—the calls for Brown’s head would resume. Not even a 41–16 manhandling of Texas Tech on Thanksgiving day would quiet the critics. When Jamail defended the coach to an Austin American–Statesman sportswriter after the OSU debacle, fans aimed their vitriol at him, threatening to topple his statues on campus, Saddam Hussein–style. The old lawyer, who went to his first UT game in 1942, refused to let up, partly because he wanted to shift attention off Mack, but mostly because he loves a good fight even more than beating OU. “Tell them to send me my money back, and then they can pull the statues down,” Jamail said over the phone the morning after the Tech game. “I don’t know who the hell those f—ing crybabies on the Internet are. Could be Aggies or the Taliban, for all I know. Or f—ing al Qaeda. Because every real UT fan is proud of this team and the way they’ve turned their season around.”
  16. Walking Boss

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    Watching the sweet 16 round (and elite 8) it is apparent that Texas is seriously lacking in the strength and conditioning aspect of the game. Relatively speaking Texas players look like sophomores in high school compared to those still playing (half FSU players looked like they were in their 30’s).
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    A. You better believe Powers had Mack fired. I will also note Mack basically said in his final press conference he would let everyone know what really happened... I assume after people like Powers are dead.

    B. I wish Wallace Hall had succeeded in ousting the horrible administration UT has. That dude was a Longhorn and the whole “Perry, an aggy, appointed him” was crap that came from Powers. It is sad UT almuni bought that propaganda. It is also sad UT almuni bought corrupt Bill Powers’ anti open-government position that REGENTS should not have access to university records.
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    Smart did not coach half court offense well. No doubt about it. We had the worst FT shooting team in the B12, and one of, if not the worst, 3 point shooting team.

    He got balls to the wall effort from our players. He lost three starters for many games, and not many teams play well with three crucial starters unavailable.

    I know that 19 and 15 is not good enough.
    Of the 15 losses 3 were to Final four teams: KU (2) and Mich. (1);
    Five losses were to elite eight teams: ttu (1), ksu (2), wvu (1), Duke (1);
    Two losses were to Sweet 16 teams: Gonzaga (1), and Nevada (1);
    for a total of 10 losses of the 15 were to teams that made it to the top 16 (8 to the top 8) in the country.
    We went to overtime in four of the losses.

    Looking at these numbers, I have no problem with Smart getting another year.
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    I’m excited to see what Shaka can do next season; back against the wall; nothing to lose. I think our team this year sans Bamba would have been a force. Jericho was capable of being a feature big and probably could have produced somewhere close to what Bamba did. If not for raw athleticism alone Sims would have been good for a double double a game. (I’d give Sims an 8, Bamba a 5 in athleticism dept).

    Without the impetus to employ the #2 recruit in the nation (let’s take into consideration the fact that Shaka didn’t even recruit Bamba), and the pressure to keep playing him despite us having seen a more effective lineup without him, I think Bamba derailed Shakas whole model. Shaka can’t coach with bigs as a center piece. Maybe he can coach a different style?

    If Shaka can get the remaining guys motivated after everything that’s transpired this season, and get them fit (see: and get the new guys scrapping for PT - get them playing with chips on their shoulders, we can be a force. If not, well, then I guess we’ve got Shakas number. Season 4 is nut cutting time. No more crutches. No more excuses. Show us what you’ve got - just get it done. I hope he proves all us detractors wrong...
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  20. Walking Boss

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    Nothing has changed since last year or the year before that, except the names of some of the players.
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    When Barnes took over the Texas program there weren't enough scholarship players to fill out the practice squad to practice against his regulars.

    He put an ad in the Daily Texan for volunteers to try out.

    In that first year of Barnes as HC Texas won the Big XII regular season title. Yeah, Kansas was down a bit, but still.
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