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    Texan Dorrie (Doris) Miller, awarded the Navy Cross for his actions on 12/7/1941...........KIA on 11/24/1943 when his ship (Liscome Bay) was torpedoed by a Japanese sub during the Tarawa/Makin Island operations. I salute you sir and the countless others from Lexington Green to Iraq/Afghanistan who given the ultimate measure while serving our country. :bevo: :hookem: :texasflag: :usflag:!

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    A poem I wrote for those who gave their lives... it was written after I watched Saving Private Ryan...

    Her Son Died On The Beach

    She knew then
    War is hell
    On God's green earth
    She heard Satan’s bell
    The men approached
    An officer and a priest
    She fell to her knees
    Her joy deceased
    Her prayers betrayed
    All the good lost
    Silently hoping
    Realizing freedom's cost
    The ultimate sacrifice
    To give a son
    And now he is gone
    While she must live on
    To tell a mother
    Of her grievous loss
    There are no words
    Only a white cross
    As she plummets
    Into the abyss
    The spirit moves
    Delivering a silent kiss
    Her life shattered
    The garden forgotten
    Dinner has become cold
    Will her heart ever soften?
    Hatred where there was love
    Bitterness all she can feel
    As their lips move
    Words shock does conceal
    As she stares into the night
    The nails pierce her memories
    His face the mirror
    Where she lost all her worries
    She floats in front of the bullet
    And wipes his brow
    There is nothing in this life
    That matters now
    She covers his pale body
    As the blood of life flows
    He shivers as he reaches his hand
    She smiles because she knows
    The mercenary
    Loves his mother
    It is her special place
    There is no other
    Did he call for her?
    Did he have time to cry?
    Or did death give him leave?
    Mooting the question of why
    His duty to his country
    Planted the seeds of pride
    Now he is dead
    She wondered who lied
    Is it time for anger
    And the walk down hatred’s trail?
    She prayed every night
    Hoping for a holy veil
    "I pray for my son
    Oh Lord remember his name
    Spare him a short journey
    Do not give Satan true aim
    Return him to me
    The one who bore the pain
    I only ask for life
    All mothers ask the same"
    And now her prayer
    Will never again
    Pass her lips
    Instead only words so profane
    Can she turn the other cheek
    For the unknown sniper
    Or for his “superior” officer
    Whose order was the killer
    Was he expendable
    As a stone over the breach
    For others to climb
    As they left the dead on the beach?
    Did his killer survive?
    Or is his mother bitter?
    The sons of ambition
    Are now only its litter
    Glory is no solace
    As we fail to remember
    Life goes on
    But not for a lost family member
    Did one more death
    Win the war?
    Or was he just a casualty?
    She wondered what for
    She is gone now
    Whispering his name at the end
    We were not there
    Flowers we did not send
    She never saw the butterflies
    Or heard the birds each day
    She only thought of her son
    Hoping through God he found his way
    As I watch my own son
    He smiles with his friends
    I wonder about the flag
    That seems to cover our sins
    And how it was folded for her
    Forever never to wave
    Will it sit in a drawer?
    Whose life will it save?
    Can I offer him for our country?
    As Abraham offered Isaac?
    I cry as I feel the shame
    It seems courage is what lack
    Did her son die in vain?
    Will my son soon follow?
    Or will I spit out
    The patriotic pill others gladly swallow?
    How can I comfort
    A dead woman I never knew?
    Tell me the answer
    What should I do?
    I ask you the same
    What would you do?
    There are no answers
    You love your son too
    So as we fall silent
    I will pray over how she bled
    Hoping never to see lips move
    Telling me my son is dead
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    Got mine out.
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    Damn man thats good stuff.
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    Thank you sir. I do quite a bit of writing and have been published. But poetry doesn't pay much if anything so I can't quit my day job...
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    Here's another one; a composite from watching Vietnam documentaries...

    A Soldier

    I’ve been hit!!!
    This is it
    I’m going to die!!!
    But I was lucky
    It was just dirt that blinded me
    And a bullet with its own dying gasp
    But it hurt so bad
    I thought about living
    I couldn’t just walk away from it all
    Then I realized I was ok
    I wanted to live so badly
    I finally realized the truth
    I thought of my Mother
    And my Dad
    I got up
    I had to live for them
    And die for them too
    Fear was no longer an issue
    We say leave no marine behind
    But we also never leave courage behind
    There is a way a Marine must live
    And it was time to run
    Up the hill
    We had to take it
    We jumped over potholes
    Holes made by our jets
    And our artillery
    We just had to kill them all
    We had bayonets
    It was going to be ruthless
    There was no time for anything but victory
    There is nothing more desperate than hand to hand combat
    While people were carrying signs
    I was carrying a gun
    While people were fighting the police
    I was fighting a stranger
    I had to kill a man I would never know
    Or he would kill me
    I kept thinking
    This is it
    But I kept running
    And everyone was with me
    Courage was everywhere
    Politics didn’t matter
    Morality didn’t matter
    We just had to take the hill
    And we did
    Even after three days of no rations
    The choppers brought them in
    We thought they were going to take us out of there
    But instead we were ordered to take the hill
    We had to order people to die
    I don’t know how I can forget this
    I ordered my best guy to die
    He had to be the one
    Because if he didn’t do it
    We would all die
    And now I carry that with me
    When you look at me
    I’m thinking of him
    That is why I am crying
    And I will never forget
    They say I’m a hero for freedom
    But that day I was a warrior
    And I didn’t think about freedom
    I just thought about my guys
    It was about us
    We survived
    And today I remember the sign on the tree
    “Was it worth it?”

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