This piss anyone else?

Discussion in 'Softball' started by old65horn, May 7, 2022.

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    couldn't she return to Texas
    or didn't want to?
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    She could’ve but she had some big fallouts with teammates which is why she left Texas to begin with.
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    thanks JJ
    then I guess we can't blame her.
    we probably didn't offer
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    Insert shocked googly eyes here. We (family of softball fans) were talking about her today. My daughter asked if Elish and Iakopo were still friends. I told her I didn't think they were buds in the first place. As I recall, for a while in IG, the "four musketeers" were: Elish, Tedder, Hathaway, & Burke (?). You saw them hanging out at Padre, hanging out in Austin, celebrating their friendship.

    But, I no longer am in communication from my college buds. In fact, when one of my buds was going to med school, he told me flat out that he was planning on making friends with his med school buds and ghosting (before that even became a term) his college friends. Cold, but that's exactly what happened.

    Well, what's past is past. We snatched her from Oregon, leaving harsh feelings. OSU snatched her from us. Good for goose, good for the gander.
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    The video of Iakopo smacking her in the face with the ball in the Supers and then nonchalantly walking towards the mound literally displaying no concern at all told me everything I needed to know. I agree, I don’t think they were best buds.

    Elish won us some games, but I never saw her as elite. I think Hailey is a better pitcher. I think she could lead us to the World Series…if she had better offense and defense around her. Mirandas BAVG against BAVG against was definitely not as good as Hailey’s, she just managed to weasel herself out of a lot of pickles.

    and a big name goes a long way with perception. She was named the softball USA national player of the year the season that was cut short, I think she went 11-4 in the circle and .370 from the plate..both together are good but neither one of stats looks great separately, NPOY wise. I would take either of those stats any day on my team, but they do not outweigh the rest of the country. Not even close.
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    Combined with White not dealing with the problems.

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