This Portal is a fiasco

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by NRHorn, Aug 10, 2020.

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    I don't see the problem here. Our guys are deciding to come back. That's good. They weren't prevented from transferring had they wanted to switch schools just like anyone else can. That's also good.
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  3. SabreHorn

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    My problem with it is why

    1) To get easier academics

    2). They think they are never going to play because of the talent level

    3) Someone is in their ear selling them that “X” is better.

    Herman has done a piss poor job of managing his locker room and who is running it.

    If the reason is “3”, then we have ANOTHER serious problem and demonstration of lack of leadership.
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  4. ViperHorn

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    4) Car keys and money clips
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  5. Chinstrap

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    Welcome to free agency In college football.

    The why?
    -Vultures from other schools are still selling hard.
    -School life
    All of the above? None of the above? Other reason?
    Fact is free agency is about more for the player and at 18-22 heads get turned easily. And not just for a pretty skirt.
    This is not JUST a Texas problem. Nick will tell you the same.
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  6. Statalyzer

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    I'm all for removing the transfer portal if we don't let the coaches transfer before their contract is up either.
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  7. NRHorn

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    Exactly and this is one of the 3 reasons I lost interest in the NFL.
  8. Duck Dodgers

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    A long time ago, college sports were set up to avoid re-occurring recruiting battles. There would be one before the player picked a school, then the negatives to changing schools (sit out periods) were high enough that few players transferred.

    Now, with the portal, it's basically free agency, and a continued recruiting battle between schools for the same players, even after signing. Better for the players, with the downside to fans losing interest if there's a constant churn of one or two year players coming in.

    For many years there's been little in the way of a feedback loop to sports. Sports teams and leagues have done what they wanted, and either the fans haven't minded or haven't minded enough to cause the team or league or school to change things around. Look at Ad-Zillow-tron. 185 decibels of the most annoying ads possible. No fan enjoys it, yet has the school gotten rid of it? Nope, still there, loud as ever.

    Till there is financial push back by the fans, fan's are the least of the concern of any sport.
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  9. MajesticII

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    Players don't care about fans/school other than their cheering for them for 90 minutes !!!!!! Me ME ME attitudes !!!!!!!!!!
  10. AC

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    I heard a term on twitter called Doom Scrolling. It means what it says but applies to any platform. Anyway I’ll try not to do that. Or else I’ll mention solutions. I’m very glad we’re having a season at Texas. I think we’ll be good this year. Maybe we’ll win the conference!
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  11. Dionysus

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    Nebraska has entered the portal
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  12. BurntOrangeLH

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    Nailed it. Texas has done well by the portal, especially compared to other schools. There are many more important things in football. Complaining about the portal is about as intelligent as advocating the football should be shaped more like a rugby ball. Just stupid and irrelevant. Texas and Herman has it handled better than most.

    By the way, Cameron Rising will still not be on a college football field until 2021 at the earliest. What a long strange trip it has been.
  13. BurntOrangeLH

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    Noticed quite a few of the UT recruits and players care a lot about their education, so not such an accurate evaluation.
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  14. earl77

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    What I figured would happen is that one of these brats that was complaining about the history of Eyes of Texas would enter the portal if he was benched for lack of production, or something. What if we had removed or changed our Alma mater because of a complaint from someone who transferred to A&M?
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  15. LAGA4

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    Looks like there are some that are using the portal to go shopping.
    If they get what they like they transfer, if not stay put.

    There needs to be some burn for that. Not sure what it should be, but something should be done.

    Maybe once your in the portal you don't come out until you transfer. At least that would make players think seriously about their future before they enter the thing.

    I don't think the portal is now serving the purpose it was set up to accomplish.
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  16. Driver 8

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    Excellent point, there should be some kind of consequence
  17. mb227

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    I would imagine that MANY remove their names from the portal if it looks like they get to play this year. Some who are at a school that is opting out (or where the conference is saying nyet) may ENTER solely so they could go somewhere and play.

    I'm just wondering whether Billy Bob's School of Beer and Ball can get a D1 certification in time for the season...can you imagine the team they could put together?
  18. SabreHorn

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    Isn't Billy Bob's the only school with the "helmets optional" policy?
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  19. mb227

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    How in the hell is a helmet gonna be optional? What else are ya gonna put the ice in for the beer? IDOIT! So uphauling...
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  20. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Like being forced to use a sauce they very much dislike? Diversity is good.
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  21. Duck Dodgers

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    The portal should be as the name says - a portal to another school, not a test the water thing, like a sissy girl who sticks her toe in the water and screams it's cold.

    Entrance into the portal should require that a player leave his current school. Just like the transport beam in Star Trek - if you get on it you're going, not beaming staying in place or beaming to the next circle over.
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  22. NRHorn

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    Fair enough, my solution would be you enter the portal right after you clean out your locker and withdraw from your classes.
    I loved when Brown would pull schollys when a verbal commit visited another school.
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  23. LonghornCatholic

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    You think it’s a fiasco now…..
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  24. Creek

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    Does this mean we can portal the best players on the other team in mid season, even right before we play them? As long as our BMD can keep it up.
    If we see a player we want, we just money whip him mid season and then fire our player currently at that position. If the new player flakes out, buy another.
    Finally our wealth will pay off!?
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  25. Dionysus

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    TSP (Temporary Strategic Portaling) — for the wealthiest programs. We basically portal and NIL the best players, including those of upcoming opponents — just make it worthwhile for them to get locked up long enough to ensure our victory, then cut ’em loose. They can return to their budget program when we’re done with them. Or maybe we keep him around and, as you suggest, fire the other one.

    In any case, if the game is Monopoly then let’s play and win the damn thing.

    Just get ready for the fund drives for donations to the Athletic Dept. You want to win, dontcha? Money is speech and it’s about to get really speechy up in here.
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  26. Pickle_Nuts

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  27. Statalyzer

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    Only if there's a consequence for coaches switching schools too the moment a more prestigious program opens up a job.

    I was going to say this doesn't work because of scholarship limits. But something I just realized - NIL can be used to effectively circumvent them. So we can go back to the way Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Alabama, Tennessee, Texas, USC, Penn State and Ohio State used to stuff the roster with everybody they could just to keep them out of the hands of other schools.
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  28. dukesteer

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    The NCAA has their heads so far up that not only can they see China, apparently they can also see Pluto.
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