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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Vol Horn 4 Life, Dec 14, 2016.

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    I get your point, but comparing us to a program with a 22 year old system and culture is plain stupid. Geno was 12-15 his first year, 14-13 his second year and 17-11 his third year. His first good year was year 4. They lost 11 games in year seven....dang he sucks! They should have fired him then......

    I hate the "youth excuse", but it can be a reason for poor performance. What I look for is improvement and despite this year's W/L record I see improvement.

    Football has used the "youth excuse" for the last decade as they continued to get worse. Strong just went downhill every year so it was an excuse.

    Be as b*tchy and negative as you want, but as your example clearly pointed out it takes a couple years to work things out. If they win less than 15 next year making all the same mistakes again I'll be in your court.
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    Why? You don't think much of them either. From the texas-vs-bu thread:
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    Those posts were before and during the BU game......The girls have come on as the season draws near ending. They are showing some spunk. You haven't read my last few posts about them.
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    Interestingly, met a guy today who played for UT back in the 50s. He and his wife have had season tickets for years. I asked what he thought of Shaka. He just said "My sophomore year we went 4-20. The next year we won the SWC" and then thought a bit more and said "But he sure needs to find a point guard."

    They were already strong before the BU game.

    UConn women aren't a fair comparison to anyone in the men's side. Not even Kentucky. When your entire team is loaded top to bottom with half the top players (and you get more scholarships to hoard than the men do), it's not that relevant. And their rotation is 2 seniors, 2 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 1 freshman, which isn't particularly young anyway.
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    And that will last until their next loss. Shall we review your post on the VB team?
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    Not only is UConn able to hoard the best (kind of like Texas football before scholarship limits decades ago), women's basketball as a national sport at the university level doesn't reach anywhere NEAR the parity amongst men's basketball.

    What, the top 20 or so women's are competitive, but then the drop off is
    "Yuuggge" as compared to men's top 40 or so, where then the quality of teams below that kind of tapers off, doesn't drop off into Bolivian.

    I'd also suggest a similar comparison of baseball versus softball. Men's baseball is highly competitive amongst 100 or so programs or more. Women's softball? Probably no where near that.

    Final observation. This year's men's undefeated underdog darling, Gonzaga, is 27-0, including wins over (early, unranked) Florida, 21 ISU, 16 Arizona, 21 St.Mary's, 20 St. Mary's, with remaining games against Pacific, San Diego, and BYU. No other teams Gonzaga played this year were in the top 25.

    They may go undefeated regular season, and sweep through their conference toinamint, the powerhouse West Coast Conference, but does anyone believe they'll make it past 2 rounds in the dance?
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    @Statalyzer I was looking at the Texas basketball fact book for another thread, but I noticed there was a coaching change after that 4-20 season. The new coach won the SWC the next year.
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    Our volleyball team is top-notch except for the back row play that gets us beat against the nations best. ( plus our serving this year was meh ) That is a fact.
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    ^ can he do it enough times to win in one of our three remaining games?
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    The team is capable of winning any game other than KU. But its not likely with the very poor guard play. Note the shocking doubling of turnovers vs. assists in the wvu game. Guard play is the key for any championship team. For example, the Chicago Bulls started winning championships after Jordan came. Only the best guard ever to play the game. And Houston, with Akeem was good, but needed the great guard play of Drexler, and a committee of other great ones to win it all. Even Dallas had to get Jason Kidd to lead Dirk, et. all to the promised land. Look at the guard play of the spurs which made it possible to bring out the best in their big man. WVU killed us with guard play last night, and so will most everyone else, unless, Jones or Davis have a great surprising performance. Could happen, but the odds are against it.

    The old saw, "Wait for next year" has never been a satisfying bit to chew. But at least we do get a decent Point and with a little luck, a shooter emerges from this bunch or next years crop. Can't imagine any realistic scenario where Allen turns his back on double digit millions. So the transfer inside bruiser may have to do. And from what he showed in preseason, he may be enough, along with the new PG, to get the team over the .500 mark. Who knows, maybe into the post season.
    I have to give Shaka credit, the kids have not quit, are playing hard, with heart. Just don't have the players yet.

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