Thread to discuss teams and games not involving Texas in 2021-2022

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by racerx5908, Nov 15, 2021.

  1. JoeDallas

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    Was anyone watching the SEC championship? I didn't even know it was on, but found it flipping channels. That was cool. Kentucky took down South Carolina. Kentucky was the 7th seed in the tourney? (or maybe they are ranked #7. There was a 7 by their name.) I obviously don't keep up with this. I didn't know Gail Goestenkors was assistant at Kentucky. It looked like she was telling the head coach what to she needed to do at the last time out, with 11.2 seconds left.
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    Kentucky just beat South Carolina in the sec tournament championship. It’s March Madness, folks!
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  3. DFW_Horn

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  4. DFW_Horn

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    I was watching it and had kind of tuned it out because it seemed like an SC lock - up by 12 to start the 4th. Started paying attention as the Wildcats stormed back in the 4th - outscoring the Gamecocks 21-7. Crazy.
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  5. FarawayFan

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    Kentucky was the 7 seed, they beat the 2 seed, the 3 seed, and the 1 seed to win their first SEC tournament title since 1982, came back from 15 down to win.
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  6. justabbfan

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    The head coach at Kentucky is Kyra Elzy who played for Pat Summit during the glory years at Tennessee. I think she was the assistant at Kentucky when the male head coach was there (don't recall his name) and she was elevated once he left. I vaguely recall GG was hired as her assistant. GG can coach. Good for them both.
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  7. FarawayFan

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    Matthew Mitchell was the coach before Elzy. He resigned due to problems from a head injury, haven't heard anything but hope he's recovering. Those 2 and 3 seeds KY beat were LSU and Tennessee - a pretty impressive few days for KY!
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    There’s a recent story out about Mathew Mitchell. He had actually gotten cleared to go back to work but during the time off recuperating he came to the conclusion that he no longer wanted to coach. He has two young girls that he wants to experience life with (like soccer games). He had an epiphany kinda one Saturday morning that he usually spent Saturday’s with young girls he was scouting or recruiting and realized he wanted to spend Saturday’s with his daughters. Kentucky even offered to let him take a year off.

    He’s started a Leadership Consultant business and is about to publish a book.
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  9. HornView

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    Karen Aston’s UTSA tied at 52 with UTEP going into to OT
  10. chuckhorn

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    UTSA wins in overtime. Coleman sure looks good.
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  11. Ellis21d

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    That was a good game! Aston in her own way has made UTSA a better team. give her a couple more years and she will make them a very competitive C-USA team.
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