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  1. LousianaHorn

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    we went to all white with a blue swoosh nike (our colors were 2 shades of blue/white) I think for our senior season (1973)...........solid hard rubber cleats.........first time in anything but Riddell with the old screw on replaceable cleats.
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  2. LousianaHorn

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    Who remembers in alot of the stores back in the day they had TV tube testing stations where you could test and hopefully find the correct replacement for a bad vac. tube?
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  3. Clean

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    Seems to me like the DBs make all the tackles. It seems like we don't have any LBs or D-Line men.
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  4. Giovanni Jones

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    Oh, and that 1968 Magnavox color console TV had 4 little knobs on the front for "fine-tuning."
    Volume (constant arguments over whether the TV was too loud or not loud enough)
    Brightness (probably the one we fought over the least)
    Tint (too far in one direction and everyone has red skin, too far the other way and they all look green like Frankenstein)
    Saturation (turn the knob all the way to the left, and you're watching b&w; turn it all the way to the right and everything is glowing like it's radioactive)

    I don't miss having to fiddle with those knobs (much less the vertical hold)
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  5. LonghornCatholic

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  6. LonghornCatholic

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    Think Dion has any idea we’re discussing Curtis Mathes?
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  7. Giovanni Jones

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    QUASAR! (with "Works in a Drawer!")
  8. Giovanni Jones

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  9. RainH2burntO

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    I wish this throwback stuff were about alot more than unis
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  10. RainH2burntO

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    I still remember the day they delivered our first floor-type big bodied (Zenith??) color TV....must have been around 1978...I was 4 or 5
  11. BornOrange0855

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    I don't care what jerseys we are wearing. Throwbacks, tear aways, whatever. How about just resembling a good football team for a change. All this marketing BS just makes us even more laughable, IMO. Like that's what matters.
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  12. RainH2burntO

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    Now there's an idea for our running game!
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  13. Statalyzer

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    Ossai and Jaquess at least seem to be going all-out. Collins has been a nice surprise. The rest of them aren't even noticeably part of the game, outside of when Mitchell gets some attention by screwing up.
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  14. Giovanni Jones

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    I was going to post a link to a 1970 Shakey's Pizza Parlor advert with Gordon Jump ("We serve fun at Shakey's, also pizza!") but it's been removed from YouTube.
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  15. Badass

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    Hold my beer ...

    My take is this ... CDC stripped TEXAS off their uniform, not to honor 1970, but because this team does not deserve it, except the QB ...

    Sam’s jersey should be the only one with TEXAS on his chest

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  16. nashhorn

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    Nice thought bada**, but I think it’s wishful thinking.
  17. ProdigalHorn

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    I've actually thought this would be cool to do for a while, but didn't think they ever would. I do think it's interesting that I think football is the only sport where the home team typically wears the dark jerseys.

    Anyway, I guess it'll make for a cool entrance and we can all enjoy that before the actual game starts. I'd love to be surprised, but I'm done with optimism about this team and this program. If we win, it's a bonus. If we lose... as I've read people post on this board in the past, I'm going to do my best not to let a bunch of 20-year-old kids dictate whether I'm enjoying life.

    Hook 'em. And sing the Eyes whether it gets played or not. Frankly at this point, I'd rather hear the fans just start spontaneously singing it.
  18. rick mueller

    rick mueller Burnt Orange Bleeder

    If this were baseball, our team would have to wear these whites for the rest of the season since they won while wearing them.
  19. BevoJoe

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    Until they start playing consistent football, they should wear those white unis they wore today, at home and on the road. Wear all white every game, burnt orange is for guys who put the team and the University first. Take the names off the back, TEXAS off the front, the numbers off the sleeves, and consider taking the Longhorn off the helmet and make them earn those. Only Sam gets to have the name, TEXAS, and small numbers on the sleeves and the Longhorn logo on the Helmet. Won't happen though.
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  20. MajorRules00

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    AMEN. Not a coincidence we won 4 national championships with the real burnt orange logo on top.
  21. MajorRules00

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    I like the idea of keeping the throwbacks the rest of the way. They're badass. But they also represent a return to team. It's a cool way to help heal the wounds from this summer and bring the team and fans back together.
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  22. txhorn_et

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    My Dad bought the first color tv In our neighborhood. A huge Curtis-Mathes console. You had a couple of dials to try and get the colors correct. That thing stayed in the shop than at the house. One thing though, the only tv repairman in town made house calls. He had plenty of vac tubes with him.

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