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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by BBV_Horn, Dec 1, 2022.

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    I am in somewhat of a pickle…I got my 2 tickets for the Moody Center online at my designated time in May, but was not able to get to the Moody Center beforehand to see where they would be (was out of town)…now I find myself in a section that is (a) too hard for me too get to with some physical issues, and (b) visually farther up and over than I wanted…I had a chance at the time to get seats on the floor, but was worried about being visually blocked, so didn’t…my bad…called Texas Box Office, there are NO seats available on the floor…now I’m looking anyone who might be willing to exchange floor seats for mine that are Row B in Section 119…good seats, but didn’t realize there would so much walking down stairs and no access up to them from the floor…My first preference would be Floor Seats in 117 to 119, or 107-109…I would even be willing to pay for Courtside…If you know of ANYONE that would consider a trade, I would really appreciate it SO VERY MUCH…I think you can message me privately on this site, haven’t been on here in a long time, but desperate times call for desperate measures…I hope I can make a change or I guess I’ll miss most home games. :brickwall:
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    Just FYI, my friends that have courtside seats are schlepping up and down the same stairs you are to get to Row B. I'm not sure if they just aren't aware there's floor access or if there really isn't. I know the Germania Club which provides floor access for men's games is closed for women's. You might want to check that out before you swap tickets and get yourself in a worse situation. I'm on Row AA so if there is floor access for women's games someone tell me where it is.
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    There are 2 elevators out the floor entrance/exit between sections 102 & 105, if you can get access to the floor. I sit across the floor in 108, and security wouldn't let me go behind the TV & radio crews to get to that exit the very first game. I think it might be more accessible now, because I see quite a few folks going back and forth behind them all game long. I haven't tried it yet. Will try tonight before 2d half ends so I can get to VB match @8.
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    By floor, do you mean the movable seats below the fixed seats? That’s where I sit in 117 and there are plenty of empty seats. There are no courtside seats on this side of the court due to team benches and scoring table. A lot of courtside holders are not happy that they sit behind the pep and cheer squads and often fight to see between Pom Poms. That said, I have to go up and down a lot of stairs to get to my seats but I absolutely love them.
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    I sent you a phone number of a ticket employee to contact through private conversation. This person has been very helpful to me.
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    Can’t seem to access your reply, will keep trying…thanks!!

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