Ticket prices falling ... fast

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by Barton Hills, Dec 16, 2009.

  1. coryomfs

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    "About 4000 tickets went off StubHub's inventory this morning. Looks like they may be done short selling, which is an indicator that they think the market has just about bottomed out."

    No signs of bottoming out today. Trend continues downward.
  2. joebevo

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    Wow, ticketcity is showing 7 available for $598. Of course those outrageous fees not included.
  3. mexahorn

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    Bigredtickets.com appears to have tickets at a decent price and seems to be a stubhub like business...except it seems they dont charge crazy fees....just shipping. Worth investigating...they seem to have good ratings on ebay too.
  4. 2 Hats on 290

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    Been lurking for days, my thoughts on all of the above...

    The drop in overall tickets on Stubhub (SH) today worried me at first, but especially looking at the ones in my price range (i.e. the cheapies) there was no discernible difference in availability.

    The price hit my "buy" threshold a day or two ago, but I felt like it would keep going down (despite some pumpers who keep telling everyone to buy now b/c it's bottomed out...since Friday of last week) so I didn't act right away. So far I'm not disappointed and a good $300 per ahead.

    It's a lesson in economics. If anyone feels like it truly has bottomed out, they should buy all available tickets b/c the profit going forward could be enormous. Or are they not so sure? Those that say no tix will be available at the Stadium...why not by a pair now and then be the ONLY person hawking them gameday?

    There is a huge difference b/w this and 2006, I would be that most people (including myself) have made travel arrangements, whereas locals could snap up any available last minute then. I honestly thought that supply would dry up within 3-4 days of the Ticketmaster debacle, but it didn't. Bully for those of us who waited. There's a distinct possibility that there may be a crash, too many people trying to turn huge profits compared to not enough people willing to pay top dollar b/c of the late travel arrangements. I'm not betting on that, but it could happen.

    I noticed the cheapest BCS tix per Stubhub records was the 2005 Orange (OU vs. USC, two teams from far away). Since then, there has been a local team just about every year (2009 Miami/FL, 2008 NO, 2006 LA). 2007 Fiesta had enough crazy OSU and UF fans to keep it high, plus travel to PHX (cars, hotels, etc.) is WAAAY easier than LA.

    And I haven't even touched on the economy.

    As it stands now, $600 is the bottom on Stubhub. That means the guy that posts them is really getting about $500 after fees. Barely $100 profit if it was the $275 plus TM fees, a not so bad $300 if it was through a University (which cost him or her $1500 off the top).

    I for one will buy from Stubhub. I do not plan on meeting anyone for the tix. The 10% for 1-2 hours of my time saved (for meeting someone on CL) plus the peace of mind of legitimacy (and SH guarantee) is worth it. Now that the 10% is more like $60-$70, and not $100. Plus the 1% cash back on my credit card cuts into my loss.

    Happy ticket hunting folks!
  5. accuratehorn

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    Yes, I am waiting for prices to go lower, or I can't go.
    I've been to a lot of big games, and almost none had a scenario where tickets could not be found at a reasonable price outside the stadium. However, I would have to risk committing to the trip to find out.
    I don't think I am alone in this, there may be a lot of fans who skip this game due to the cost factor. Either it gets cheaper, or we won't be going.
    Again, Southern Cal isn't there, no local team is there. Alabama is further away than Texas-it's a long trip and a big risk to go without tickets. The price will be nothing like 2006.
    Southern Cal fans were in a hysteria over being the greatest team of all time, and it was in their home stadium. They could have bought all seats themselves, every single one of them.
    It won't be like that this time.
  6. 2 Hats on 290

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    I wonder how much longer it is before the NCAA/BCS goes ahead and chargers $500 per ticket. They've giving up money and putting it in resellers hands, and we know the NCAA won't turn away a buck for anything. The trend is obivous, $125 for the Rose on 1/1/2005, $200 (I think) for the Rose on 1/4/2006, and now $275.

    Because of the uncertainty of teams, the risk here is that they'll get an unappealing matchup (say, Iowa vs. Cincinnati if things had played out different this year) and their faced with discounts or empty seats.
  7. BigWill

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    minor point: The Rose Bowl isn't USC's "home" stadium...they play at the Coliseum, UCLA plays at the Rose Bowl, but the logic is still sound. It was still basically a home game for USC.
  8. ProdigyDub

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  9. theredbarron

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    I think it's a mistake to assume that ticket prices are going to zoom back up. They started high for a bad reason (simple greed based on false expectations from the 2006 game) and then came down for good reasons. I'll agree that prices aren't likely to go significantly lower now - but that sure as hell doesn't mean they have to go higher either. Maybe (huge maybe) prices might go back up on gameday, assuming there's not a lot of Pasadena resident tickets for sale that day. Otherwise, I'd say we're close to a stable equilibrium between buyers and sellers in the $600 range.
  10. 2 Hats on 290

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  11. OrangeRB

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    For the 06 game I bought my tickets through BigRedTickets and, while I paid a premium price, I couldln't have been happier with the service that I got. They were on time on everything they said they would be. More than fair with me.
  12. BevoGary

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    Just got mine on eBay Sect 26 Row 20 for $579 paid by PayPal and I'm meeting the guy locally to eliminate the risk of mail this late. I just wanted to get over the anxiety of not having a ticket in hand. The game is on my birthday - Happy Birthday to me!!

    My wife and I are staying at Excalibur in Las Vegas from 1/4 to 1/8, have round trip flights from Dallas to Vegas and an SUV from Avis (unlimited mileage) for the week for $853. Can't wait! [​IMG]
  13. txgrad87

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    Mid to upper 500's on StubHub. LA residents getting nervous. Cmon $480

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. mandingo

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    In reply to:

  15. coryomfs

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    4 tickets on Ebay just sold for $557/each.
  16. theredbarron

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    It's pretty amazing to me how much more our own fans are asking for tickets versus what they are selling for on ebay. Expectations are still more than reality - I wouldn't be surprised to see tickets under $500 at the stadium now.
  17. txgrad87

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    No question tickets under $500 at the game. Market headed south in a hurry. Don't let the ticket brokers on this site fool you. I have flights and hotels booked and will head out sans ticket if I don't see them for under $500 on-line. Went to 2006 WITH tickets (and damn glad I did!). A WHOLE different ball game this year. Buyers are in control on this one. Hook em
  18. l00p

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    I was wondering the same thing, Mandindo! That is hardly a bargain. Maybe it is a fully blown Porsche Cayenne Turbo? Or a typo.
  19. megale

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  20. joebevo

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    The wise ticket sellers are coming down on their prices but it is taking awhile. I see a lot of them holding out on a big return for the tickets. I imagine many can't let them go for less than $600 so they'll take them or have a buddy resale them at the game expecting the '06 market.
  21. TxEx84

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    Lots of tickets for sale on StubHub for $600 and under. After StubHub takes their cut, seller is only getting $510 or less. Why can't these people post their tickets over here and cut out the middle man? [​IMG]
  22. h0rnd0c

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    what are you talking about. the cheapest on stub hub is 599 now? Quit pumping low ticket prices sunshine. I'm only seeing 650 and better in San Antonio.
  23. mstrat

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    It seems the current sweet spot for people is sub-$600 thus the sudden rise in sales once they dropped beneath $600. People should be getting their tickets this week and should drive prices up for a few days before they realize sub $600 is the sweet spot.
  24. coryomfs

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    Forget Stubhub, Ebay is a better deal. Another set of 4 for $556/each sold.
  25. killerfrog17

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    My wife and I are staying at Excalibur in Las Vegas from 1/4 to 1/8, have round trip flights from Dallas to Vegas and an SUV from Avis (unlimited mileage) for the week for $853.

    Sounds like a hell of a deal to me.
  26. Sip94

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    A few tickets on Stubhub today for 567-575, and a lot for 599 (plus 10%). A few singles went on Ebay today for less than 600. One went for 550. Looks like it's time for me to buy.
  27. bronco

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    Didnt read all of the posts, sorry if this has been mentioned.

    I have purchased tickets to every major sporting event you can think of and, if you are willing to wait, you will get into the stadium for about face value of the ticket right before the game starts.

    I completely understand buying in advance or wanting really good seats and paying a premium. But if your budget is tight, dont stress. Show up at the stadium and you will get in.
  28. Tailgate

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    Bronco, that was not the case at the 06 game. Ticket buyers outnumbered sellers by 50-1 maybe more. I have never seen so many frowns while walking into a game. People had $1k in their hands and could not get a ticket. We were playing the greatest team ever, so that may have been part of it [​IMG]
  29. Sip94

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    That was my plan in 06. I walked around the stadium for more than 2 hours with my hand up and literally saw ONE single ticket for sale that whole time (saw several hundred buyers) which I bought. Of course this is a different game and it seems lower demand, but that experience makes me want to have ticket in hand this time.
  30. BevoGary

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    The round trip flight for both of us, room for 4 nights and the SUV rental was $853. Not bad for this late of a booking.

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