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Tickets at Stanford for Sale!

Discussion in 'Swap Meet' started by BarrelUpThatBall, Jun 7, 2023.

  1. BarrelUpThatBall

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    Hi Longhorns

    My last Regional in 2021 at Disch-Falk Field was electric! I tell people to this day I have never been to a more electric baseball game. I live about a half hour from Stanford and knowing they’d find a way to screw longhorn fans - I was at the box office when they opened and was able to get a few extra tickets in Longhorn territory before they sold out in 3 minutes and 28 seconds. Anyone making the trip who needs tickets.

    Also for those traveling, day games will be fine temperature wise … If we get a night game Sunday (I hope for a 2-0 Longhorn sweep so No Monday). It will be cold. The field really is sunken into the ground, and it creates essentially a wind funnel. So bring your cold weather gear.

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