Tiger's upcoming Press Conference

Discussion in 'Cactus Cafe' started by smwhorn, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. smwhorn

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    Am I the only one that hopes Tiger falls right on his *** (both literally and figuratively) ?

    Just curious.
  2. Big Jake

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  3. BigWill

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    So as I understand it, he has hand-selected 7 or so media members including Golf Digest, the New York Times, etc to attend this "press conference" yet he will be only making a statement and will take no questions.

    The media members should tell him to get bent. If he isn't willing to take any questions, they shoud refuse to cover the event. Let him post his "message" on his web site.
  4. mlchorn

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    Not me.
    I hope Tiger comes out and smokes the field in his first tournament back.
    His situation is a private matter and he owes no one an apology or an explanation.
    Hell, half the people ripping him have done the exact same thing - maybe not the same quantity but the same thing nonetheless.
  5. YoLaDu

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    the hype for this is incredible...

    it's going to be a big let down for anyone hoping to glean anything from this by what he reads from his prepared speech.
  6. BigWill

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    local radio is reporting "breaking news" that the "Golf Writers Assn. of America" is boycotting the dealie, supposedly because of the low number of writers to be allowed in.
  7. Texas___Fight

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    No....I didn't like him before all this started and I'm not expecting that to change anytime in the near future.
  8. bierce

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    Maybe he'll go into great detail about how differently each woman performed. That would be interesting.

    Maybe he'll go McGwire-esque and talk about how he's speaking from his heart when he touts his belief that having sex with other women wasn't increasing his extramarital affair totals and how it was a good thing because it kept him on the golf course.

    No, I think I want him to channel "Bob the sexaholic" from "Nightstand."
  9. HatDaddy

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    what he does outside of the course makes no difference to me. I wouldn't say squat to anyone about something I did on my own time.
    I think he will take it out on his competitors and thrash them when he returns.
  10. BigWill

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    sure. all some gallery jerkoff has to do is whisper "strange *****" while he's putting and he loses it.
  11. ChazUTX

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    Nope, I am like others who don't care what he's done outside of golf...that's his personal life. That being said I'm not condoning his actions. However you can't argue with what he's done for the game of golf the last 10 years...it's quite remarkable.

    But I do agree with the sentiment this press conference that's completely staged down to the script he will speak from and who's allowed in is a bit much. But hey that's freedom of speech right?
  12. Bayerithe

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    I hope he comes back and wins every tournament, just as a giant flip off to the media and every wad that doesn't allow this to be a private matter
  13. MAROON

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    Tiger has never done anything to hurt me. I don't understand all the deep seated hate by some for him.

    I think too many put him up on a pedestal....put your faith in man and you will eventually be let down.
  14. BigWill

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    Maroon, he hoisted himself up on that pedistal when he took money for non-golf stuff.

    Vanity Fair used to have a full-page ad. Just a pic of Tiger, leaning on elbow, wearing a Tag watch. Nothing to do about golf. No words on the ad. Just his image.
  15. updog07

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    Every single channel is broadcasting this press conference.

    Im sorry, but I dont give a **** about Tiger. Sure, he is a great golfer. I dont care about this personal life, nor this press meeting.

    Im soooooooo soo sick of seeing his stupid face plastered everywhere.
  16. GigoloJoe

    GigoloJoe 250+ Posts

    I must say I was more impressed than I thought I would be.

    I saw authenticity.
  17. WhiteH2O Horn

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    There may have been sincerity there, but he sounded so robotic that it was like a Tiger Woods parody. Pausing at awkward or unexpected parts of a sentence, and just no real flow. Maybe he was sincere, but my god, his delivery was horrible to the point of being funny.
  18. Nuclear Bear

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  19. GigoloJoe

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    Cowherd is saying it makes a difference whether you watched it or just listened to it. I watched it and saw Tiger's face. I didn't think he was faking it.

    And I am someone who has never been particularly fond of him.
  20. ChazUTX

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  21. bradford702

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    I watched and thought it looked and sounded robotic, but then again he plays golf like a robot. It looked forced and anything but sincere. All of this could of been avoided if he would of fed the animal (media) when all this broke. Now you have every news media covering his statement reading like it was a major event. I could care less if apologizes to the fans of golf. Who he owes apologies to are his family, friends, coworkers and sponsors. Then they need to make their own decisions or whether or not to continue to be associated with him.

    I think it would of been funny if he came out months ago and said "Yes, I am Tiger Woods and I had sex with the waffle house waitress. Scoreboard!!"
  22. msdw24

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    The person he should be apologizing to is his wife.

    Maybe he'll say he doesn't know what the definiton of IS IS [​IMG]
  23. mcbrett

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    Agreed- stop apologizing to me. I'm not some hot Scandinavian wife who was cheated on. In fact- seeing how hot his wife is reminds me I need to work on my gut- but I digress.

    It was weird to talk about his marriage at a press conference, when the only thing the public should care about is when he's joining the tour. Of course word is he pissed off many Tour members today by holding this conference during a Friday, and not a Monday- during the ACCENTURE tournament, which of course dropped Tiger from their sponsorship team. Oh.. Tiger. You'rrreee GGGrrreeeat!
  24. KS1866

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    The only time I thought he looked and sounded sincere was when he was complaining about the paparrazi stalking his daughter. Otherwise it was a rehash of the apology he made when this all started. Worthless, if you ask me. But, oh, he's a Buddhist now. [​IMG]
  25. NEWDOC2002

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  27. Longhorny630

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    I thought it was legit, but I still think Elin was trying to inflict damage with the golf club on Thanksgiving, maybe not to him but definitely to his car. I also liked how his wife was not there standing by his side Spitzer style as it's evident she is going to make him do a lot of work before she takes him back. And I hope he comes back and kicks *** in golf to shut everybody up and put the issue to bed (rimshot)
  28. bullzak

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    I dont care that he cheated. I am mystified about stuff like tagging some IHOP waitress skank in the parking lot. Multiple times.

    Once you throw yourself out there as a paragon of virtue and then so obviously prove you arent, you have to eat the ****. And Tiger thinks he is immune to that given this ******** hyper controlled press conference. He cant hide forever. Surprisingly, I think he is acting like a *****. Just man up and move on.

    Tiger is an idiot. I dont care much for idiots.

    I think he is going to be surprised at the hostile reception he will get from galleries. This is a guy who thinks if a click a camera 50 yards away you should be executed and people are going to be screaming all kinds of **** at him.

    I would never underestimate him as a golfer but I think he has a juvenile demeanor on the course that will only get worse if things dont go well. And the next time his redneck caddy snatches a camera away from someone I hope he gets his *** kicked. Thats way out of line.

    His tournaments are going to be rowdy and it will take everything he has to overcome it. I dont think he will, for a while at least.

    The other guys on tour are collectively good enough to beat Tigers *** if they smell blood in the water. Its going to be great theater.
  29. Third Coast

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    I don't judge him for his transgressions, but I do wish him the best in dealing with his demons. Behind every mistake each of us makes is a cost, as well as an opportunity to learn from it. I hope Tiger has learned a lesson, but that's up to him.
  30. Perham1

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