Time for a change!!

Discussion in 'Softball' started by Ellis21d, Jun 4, 2016.

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    I agree that there needs to be new blood and that sometimes the way Connie handles pitchers drives me crazy. But this article is a bit flawed. Two quotes:

    “I was barely a freshman when I committed. I think that turned a few schools away,” Show said. “It didn’t stop some. I know Oklahoma and Alabama came to look at me in high school, but I wanted to go to A&M from the start.”

    and from Stearns

    “But I think it was around middle school and then on into high school, Texas was no longer a school of interest for me, so I don’t know if I’d had listened if they did show interest.”

    Show that Connie was never going to get them.

    [Small aside. Erica Wright's oldest sister knew that Erica was SO determined to play for UT that she chose a college - Texas State - to play softball in order be close to her sister, eventually.]

    I do agree that Connie's hands-off policy for early commits needs to change, but unsure she will change.

    I am tired of Oklahoma always "reloading" on good pitching and we stumble into gems such as Blaire Luna. I wouldn't rate any of our next year pitchers as shut-them-down pitchers needed to get back into the WCWS
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    I was floored when I read this quote from Clark:

    Clark said Texas doesn’t actively recruit players that have already committed elsewhere.

    “To me, that’s as good as signing a letter of intent,” Clark said. “It’s an integrity thing. I’ve had that happen to me, where a player committed and then another school came in and snagged her out from under me, and it’s not a good feeling.”

    Well boo hoo! This is BS!

    Doesn't her job and performance review depend on her getting the best players and winning championships?? At Texas mediocrity should NOT BE ACCEPTED!! I hate to see our softball team get out coached and out recruited year in and year out!
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    After I posted about Blaire Luna, I realized I forgot some fact that Blaire was headed to a smaller college when at the last minute Connie got her to switch. Now, isn't that poaching?

    Anyway, Chris Plonsky isn't the firing type. Who has she actually fired? I think maybe the women's swimming coach. Heck, Gail Goestenkors had to fire herself while Plonsky kept begging her to stay on.

    In Plonsky and Clark's mind, Connie IS Texas softball because she built it from the ground up. But as a season ticket holder, I'm tired of being regulated to 2nd or 3rd place every year.
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    I came on here to start a rant like this, glad it is already here. Unbelievable to me that this program has been so mediocre for so long. What can we do to instigate some new enthusiasm for making a change??? This has gone on waaaaayyyyy tttoooo lllooonnnggg.
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    What's depressing is watching OU playing in the WCWS right now. They have 4 freshmen starters and they're good. They have a sophmore pitcher who went 35-3 this year. They had the best fielding percentage this year; only 14 (?) errors in the infield all year long.

    And, they're probably going to win the title this year.

    Battling Baylor for 2nd place for the next two years is pointless.

    Connie won't be under pressure as long as she hits a super-regional about every 4 years.

    All these Texas girls grew up liking the Horns because of Cat. They say it in all their interviews, and we've never done a good job of capitalizing on that. Soon, it'll be "I want to go to OU because of Kelani Ricketts" (which by the way the star OU player stated as one of the reasons she went to OU).

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    The only path to change is pressure on Fenves to move Plonsky out. Chris is not going to fire Connie. Unfortunately, Perrin has no control over anything related to women's athletics. Complacent mediocrity is not our standard.
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    Agreed. Plus, he's only got a 2 year window to be AD....for now. As long as the women's teams are graduating players (which they are) and there are no scandals, and they teams are winning 2/3 of their games.....there isn't as much pressure to fire coaches since they are not and will never be revenue generating streams.

    And, people like me just renewed our season tickets because it's a sport my daughter likes to watch and it's a nice family atmosphere. Of course, it would be better atmosphere if we were winning 90% of our games.
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    I agree on the positives of graduating players and being scandal-free, but, racer, doesn't it chap your *** to see OU and Baylor embarrass us on the playing field? We are The University of Texas. Our standard is to be competitive in every sport.
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    Watching OU dominate at softball when Texas is a hotbed for recruiting is a joke. If mediocrity is cool for UT then alright I guess...
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    If you look at the recent dominance of the SEC in the WCWS, or at least the number of teams making it into the Super Regionals, you have to attribute it to the arms race that has suddenly occurred. It used to be CA / AZ teams, with the occasional Big 12 or Big 10 team. But once Tennessee and Alabama made appearances (and the move of the Aggies to the SEC), everyone started getting serious about their softball teams. Look at Auburn, they poached the coach from Arizona State who won the NC just a few years ago and now they're in the championship.

    The sad reality is that there are only 7 of the 10 teams in the Big 12 that actually play softball. And if we're such a weak league, does UT care that much?

    [And aside: My wife graduated from KSU. This year, they started Division I women's soccer officially on their campus. They have other sports we wouldn't even consider such as Equestrian. My wife was severely bummed that softball wasn't initiated. But, that's the way the coin flip went.]
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    I agree that Connie has under performed and needs to go. Mack, Rick and Augie have been shown the door when they no longer performed to Texas standards. Even when she had Cat Osterman pitching, Connie proved she couldn't win the big one. In recent years her team her team is mired in competition for 2nd place in a league of 7 teams and a quick exit from the playoffs, even on their home field. She has ripped my heart out for the last time.

    Why is Cat coaching at Texas State instead of here. Surely Cat could bring in an elite pitcher who could help us move forward, but Connie is unwilling to make the required change.

    Connie needs to go.
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    I'm afraid you are wrong. Mediocrity is our standard now. The proof is in the pudding.....
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    A change is long overdue for this coach.

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