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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Joe Fan, Dec 11, 2017.

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    OOOOUUUCCCHHH!!!!! For both him and the team. Get well soon Jonesy!
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    Yes bad news. Interesting to know whether he broke it bthe first time or the second time he fell on it. Was I the only one wondering why they didn't take him out after the first time...before he missed the 2 free throws?
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    Hoping they get him back for Kansas - sounds like that's possible although burnt orange luck of late would suggest not.
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    According to the AAS article, it doesn't sound all that serious. Shaka saying he would be out the games "before" Christmas. No caste on the hand and already shooting from short distance. Shaka wants him to take it easy. I still want to see the Horns take care of Michigan and Bama. NO EXCUSES!
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    Losing your best offensive player is not an excuse; just a fact.

    Horns cannot win tonight without Jones. Offense is weaker than our defense; and we simply cannot score enough to beat Michigan without Jones. Sorry, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it. We lose by 5 to 10 tonight. And those 5 to 10 would be made up by Jones were he healthy and in the line up.
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    Well, you are right, the Horns can't win tonight without Jones. They don't play till tomorrow night. Haha. Just kidding Cary. But, I definitely still see the Horns capable of winning this game without Jones. They still have the two bigs. O's three point shot came around the last game and they actually have a true point guard. Also, Michigan is 0-2 on the road. The Horns should be pumped for this game! This is their first opportunity for a true "statement" game at home, with or without Jones. If they want the fans to keep coming out they need to make a statement. Horns by 10 and showing the fans what to look forward to when KU comes to town.
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    This is a blow. Maybe minor, but a blow for sure. I feel for Andrew Jones. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

    The Michigan-Bama stretch was going to be another tough test for us; now it’s just that much tougher. This will be a prime opportunity to see who steps up and puts us on his shoulders. And for cryin out loud can we get Jacob Young some real playing time? Jesus.

    Michigan lost to LSU in Hawaii so 0-3 away from home. I know tourneys aren’t true road games, but..
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    Ok, I stand corrected, Horns will not lose tonight :smile1:. And your optimism again comes to my rescue. The Bigs are playing well, but dang, Jones is our top scorer. And a team that loses its top scorer is just not as good as it would be if he were healthy. So I'm anxious about this. But not terrified, which is an improvement.

    It is encouraging that Michigan is playing poorly on the road. I hope there will be a full loud house tomorrow so Meatchicken will know they are in an away game!! Make some serious noise if you're in the stands tomorrow. :clap::hookem3:
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    I expect a decent crowd with it being Star Wars night and all. I think a loud crowd will get Bamba fired up too. I would be a little more concerned if our PG was out. Remember how that fiasco went last year without a PG? And not to belittle the importance of missing Jones, because I think the team went way down hill last year after losing Tevin Mack, but this year's team just seems much more talented from top to bottom than last years team and who knows, Coleman could just be that floor general who could take them to the next level.
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    TJ was one of our more prolific/influential PGs of all time with the ball and averaged just under 13 ppg, (10.8 as a freshman). He made up for in dishes but he also averaged almost 5 TOs a game. Interestingly, 40% of TJs ppg came from FTs. He was so adept at penetrating and drawing fouls and making free ones (.801). That should be Matt’s model because he’s not a pure shooter.

    Matt’s 5th in the league in asst-TO ratio, which is very solid. I only see that getting better with confidence. He protects the ball well...better than TJ did. Matt just needs to find that consistency...Id love to see that 10-12 ppg and 7-8 assists and <3 TOs per game stat line from him while he’s making everyone around him better.
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    Looks like the Sooners found a pretty good one too.
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    That kid went off for 40+ the other day. Where in the heck do they find these guys.

    This ^^^
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    as long as no one says, "this shouldn't affect anything. next man up!" lol
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    Bingo, Bango, bongo.....
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    I stand corrected in my previous assessment of this team without Jones. Can you look any flatter than they looked last night. I hope this was just an off night. Shaka really needs to light a freaking fire under a few of his players.
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    I'm starting to wonder if Shaka has it in him to be more than an average coach. He just can't instill that killer instinct to overcome adversity.

    All I heard was how impressive the VCU win was, but they are now 5-5 with wins over Grambling, North Florida, Cal, Appy St and Old Dominion.....Not exactly impressive.
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    I’m bearish on Shaka. Here’s his trend since the fluke final four run in 2010-11: .806, .750, .743, .722, .606, .333. I see this team finishing low .600% this season, which would be a stable to upward trend for Shaka, but not one Texas should bet long on. It might take him another 5 years of coaching to get back to prominence. I don’t think he has that much time here to figure it all out.
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    Latest on expected return for Jones?
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    Anyone else getting a Ric Barnes feeling?
    -- Pretty good recruiter
    -- A handful of NBA caliber one-and-dones to be subsequently proud of
    -- Team plays hard
    -- Offensively challenged
    -- Not many great shooters and/or scorers
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    Hey, I'm feeling pretty optimistic. Not getting the Rick B feeling. We just won in Ames for the first time since 2010. And the team never gives up. Winning in the 2nd half is a good sign.
    Is the team offensively challenged in the half court offense due to poor shooters? Yes. But their outside shooting kept them in the game in Ames. Then coleman took over with drives and FT shooting in OT.

    I think the team gave up on Barnes in the 2nd half of the season the last two years he was here. Barnes seemed to lose control of the team.

    O's shooting is getting better. Coleman was better in the paint. He's growing up. He and Davis are making FT's in the clutch. Davis' mojo is coming back.

    Roach demonstrated in Ames why we lost so many games last year when he was playing the point way too much. He goes brain dead and becomes an error machine.

    Jones is going to get his mojo back. Every day that the wrist gets better his confidence will grow.
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    Interesting stat revealing a big difference between this year and last.

    Roach who was forced to play point way too much last year had 1 assist and 4 turnovers against ISU. Often last year we had way more turnovers than assists most games.

    Coleman against ISU had 12 points, 9 assists and 2 turnovers. And most games this year we have more assists than turnovers. This kind of point guard play is a game changer.

    We are on our way to a 20 win season; an NCAA birth, and a huge improvement over last year.
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    Not sure how to post a tweet since I'm not on much but this was posted:

    Jeff Borzello ESPN Staff Writer
    Texas guard Andrew Jones has been diagnosed with leukemia, per the school. Awful, awful news.
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    Absolutely devastating news. I have no words. God speed for wellness and comfort. Positive energy and prayers going out to Andrew and his family.
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    So sad. But the good news is I have a friend who was diagnosed years and years ago and he's fine now. It's very scary. They just have to take care of business. I hope they are at MD Anderson (I was treated for Thyroid Cancer over there; top top people) but wherever, I hope they are getting the best treatment available for Andrew.
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    Thoughts and prayers


    Good luck, Andrew

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