To all those who went to the 2006 Rose Bowl.....

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by White Castle, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. TexasEd

    TexasEd 1,000+ Posts

    2005 Yes
    2006 Yes
    2010 Yes
  2. wearorange

    wearorange 100+ Posts

    05 yes
    06 yes with Dad who can't go this year
    10 yes with wife and son
  3. GFBF

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    Thankfully made the late decision to attend the 2006 game. Would have regretted it forever had I not gone. It was a truly memorable life experience. Got LHF tix then - not this year. Already paid for airfare and have hotel. Am considering going anyway.
  4. Section30Horn

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    Michigan 2005--we went because, well, when was Texas going to be in the Rose Bowl again? [​IMG]

    USC 2006--we went for obvious reasons, plus we already had our "Rose Bowl Routine" down.

    Bama 2009--absolutely! It's old home week. (I hope VY doesn't mind that we're visiting his home.) Plus, I was at the 1982 Bama Cotton Bowl where Robert Brewer scored on the quarterback draw. I still can't believe we won that 1982 game.

    To address what some of the other posters have said, when all the commotion was over after the end of the USC game, I turned to my two young teenage daughters and said, "Girls, I know you're still young and have a lot of years ahead of you. But it's all downhill from here. You've just been to the best sporting event you'll ever go to in your life." And I still believe that. Nevertheless, I wouldn't miss a Texas-Bama game if it were in the Toilet Bowl, much less at the Rose Bowl for all the marbles.

    Hook 'em! [​IMG]

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    I was there for both of the Rose Bowl appearances in 05 and 06. Sat in the Texas end zone against Michigan and the USC endzone against SC. Lucked into tickets for the NC game and had a great couple of days in Vegas before driving to Pasadena for the game. Since then I have gotten married and moved (as my sig below indicates). The NC game is the same night as graduation for the college at which I now teach and since I am the Master of Ceremonies for the graduation my absence would be noted and my job would be lost. In addition the cost this time of coming from Cayman is much more substantial and frankly I figure that I got to see my NC in person, this time let someone else get the experience and I will just have to enjoy this one from the comfort of my couch where I will be by kickoff since graduation should be over by around 7:45 EST.
  6. led224

    led224 100+ Posts

    Didn't go in '05 and regretted it.
    Went in '06 and it was an absolutely perfect trip.
    Can't go this year. 1 1/2 years out of work and a 50% pay cut has taken it's toll. [​IMG]
    I'll be watching and cheering at home.[​IMG]
  7. Nonbryan

    Nonbryan 100+ Posts

    I went to both the Michigan game and the Nat'l Championship. I am going this year as well. Reason #1 is that I am a true Longhorn fan and want to support my team. On top of that you don't really get opportunities like this very often in life and I feel you should cherish them and take full advantage of them when they are in front of you.
  8. AustinBat

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  9. geezerhorn

    geezerhorn 1,000+ Posts

    Was there in 06, best Longhorn game ever.

    Made reservations before OSU have flight, car, & room. Foundation says tics coming next week!

    We'll be bring the Crystal back............"All the way to Austin, Texas baby!".
  10. mihm_rules_mom

    mihm_rules_mom 25+ Posts

    2005--&#62; yes
    2006--&#62; yes
    2010--&#62; no
    Reason: the freakin' crappy economy. [​IMG]
  11. allweatherHorn

    allweatherHorn 1,000+ Posts

  12. Horn69

    Horn69 2,500+ Posts

    1970 - hell yes!
    1982 - hell yes!
    2005 - no, but both UT daughters went after which I vowed I'd go the next year if UT was so fortunate
    2006 - hell yes!
    2010 - have air/hotel/car - but no wagering on good karma since I don't have good looks. [​IMG]

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. TheFied

    TheFied 2,500+ Posts

    I went for the 2004 & 2005 seasons. But won't be going this year. Hard decision but we have a 9 month old baby at home. If the game was on a Saturday, this would be perhaps do-able. On a work night, man it's tough and honestly I have something else that has been taking up alot of my hard earned $$$.

    I will be missing being there but that's life.

    TEXnSEATTLE 1,000+ Posts

    IF YOU DON'T HAVE YOUR TICKETS....get them as soon as you can....

    1) BAMA hasn't been to play in a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP and,

    2) TEXAS fans that didn't get in last time will NOT be left out this time....(there were as many TEXAS fans outside the ROSE BOWL as there was inside the game).

    better get your tickets...there were NONE outside the stadium before the game....NONE
  15. smwhorn

    smwhorn Guest

    I went to both the USC game and the Michigan game. We took our kids to the Michigan game and actually went to the Rose Bowl parade. I am going back this year with only Mrs. Smwhorn. We are not taking the kids. We couldn't afford four tickets. No way.
  16. Lat22

    Lat22 1,000+ Posts

    I went to both and I'm going to this one.
  17. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Catholic like Sarkisian

    I'll be there, but if you see me off 71 in Austin picking up aluminum cans in the next few weeks -
    don't mock me; just throw the [​IMG] to keep me motivated.
    Gotta pay for the tickets somehow.
  18. 4Horns

    4Horns 100+ Posts

    Rushing to buy tickets now is a mistake IMO. Wait until all the tickets have hit the market. I believe very strongly that the price will come down.
  19. suekel

    suekel 25+ Posts

    My husband and I went in '05 and lucked into seats on the 50 yard line somehow (I literally had one foot on each 49.5 yard line), and afterward, I thought nothing could beat that experience.

    Went again in 2006, seats weren't as good, but what a game! I recall before we went, fretting about the cost and he convinced me we had to go. After the game, I told him "Thank God you talked me into this!!" It was the single best sports experience of our lives, and our friends who did not go are still kicking themselves. Watching the USC fans who were talking so much smack before the game go running out after the game was priceless. My husband cried at the end, and I gave him ****, because he did not even cry at our wedding. He told me "Sorry babe, I waited my whole life for this, I did not wait my whole life to marry you!" I actually understood.

    We are going this year. We are very lucky that all 3 years we've been able to buy our tickets through his company, at face value, so we are not at the mercy of the LF. (Did not make the cutoff this year anyway). I am preparing myself for the fact that this year could never live up to '06, but that's okay. We've been fortunate to both stay employed with good jobs through these crappy times, we don't have kids, it will still be worth the splurge. Airfare and hotel are booked, tickets are coming, can't wait!!

    Edit to add: Anyone thinking of waiting to try to buy tix in Pasadena, be very very careful. There was NOTHING available in 06, and our nephew actually spent $800 on a ticket that was counterfeit. There will be plenty of scammers looking to make money off this game.
  20. ut1969

    ut1969 100+ Posts

    The price for a pair of tickets has gone up about $600 on Ebay this week. Hope prices do come down in a week or two.
  21. Jason Atchley

    Jason Atchley 250+ Posts

    I went to both of the others, but I am not making this one.

    Too much uncertainty in the business climate, and I don't want to let go of the cash right now.
  22. Texas0407

    Texas0407 500+ Posts

    2005- No. I swore I'd never miss the Horns in a BCS game from thereon out.
    2006- Yes. Lucked out and got tickets for face value. Greatest game ever. Nothing will ever top it.
    2009- Yes. Tickets for face again. Weak game, hot girls in AZ.
    2010- I'll be there. Like an above poster said, miss the Horns playing for a championship? Never. No matter what the cost is. Oh, and I got my tickets for $350.
  23. doylehargraves

    doylehargraves 500+ Posts

    I went in 2006. I doubt I would be going to this game if it was in Glendale or Miami, for example. But it's in the Rose Bowl - the single most scenic and gorgeous football venue in the country. As a result, I'm there without a doubt.
  24. nra1775

    nra1775 250+ Posts

    I went in 2005 and 2006. I didn't get tickets through the foundation so I am trying to find some but I don't think I will be able to afford it.
  25. hookemjoeman

    hookemjoeman 25+ Posts

    Went to the 2005 Rose Bowl against Michigan and sat in the end zone that Dusty Mangum kicked to when he made the game winning FG against Michigan. Saw that the ball was partially blocked and couldn't believe that it barely made it over the crossbar to win the game!!!

    One of my best friend's and I joined LHF in 2005 and we donated enough money to get tickets to the 2006 Rose Bowl (still the best college football game that I have been to!)... the only thing that was better than that game was the World Cup games I saw in 1994 in the USA and 2006 in Germany!!!

    We have been in LHF since then and increased our donation so that we could get tickets again to a championship game, which also happens to be the 2010 BCS Championship Game!! [​IMG]

    The Rose Bowl is definitely the BEST VENUE to watch ANY Championship game in ANY Sport (wish I went to the 1994 World Cup Final!!!). Because of Brookside Golf Course on the north side of the Rose Bowl, it's probably one of the best places to tailgate in America!! In 2006, we got there and started tailgating at 11 AM (5 PM PST kick-off)... best 6 hours of tailgating ever!! And it was topped by the greatest college championship game ever!!!

    It was also great to hear how loud the Eyes of Texas was after the game... I know people on TV could hear us!!! And to see all the people who had travelled from Texas that didn't have tickets but just to be a part of a special night was amazing!!! I know there was 25,000 of us in the stadium but I heard an estimate of 40K-45K Texas fans that were on the Rose Bowl grounds that night!!!

    Was living in Dallas in 2005-2006 but moved to Los Angeles in February of this year to be with my girlfriend, now fiancee!!!

    BTW, every game I have taken her to (including 2005 Rose Bowl, 2006 Rose Bowl, Oklahoma 2008-2009, 2009 Fiesta Bowl just to name a few) Texas has won except for one game (A&M 2006) since we first started dating in 2004...

    She will be at my side on January 7, 2010 hopefully celebrating another National Championship for The University of Texas!!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  26. GabeRocksSocks

    GabeRocksSocks 1,000+ Posts

    I went in 2006, my first year at UT. It was the best road trip of my life, by far. I'm going again this year, I just graduated a few days ago. This is what I've been wanting for Christmas all year long.

    I can't wait and the thought of selling my ticket has never entered my mind. I'll be staying with my fraternity brothers at USC to save money on room, too.
  27. hornsin03

    hornsin03 25+ Posts

    Rose Bowl Game and Stadium Appearances:

    2005 - Yes. Drunk in the endzone
    2006 - Yes. Goaline of last 2 TDs.
    2010 - Yes.
    2014 - Yes.
    2018 - Yes.*

    *unless we have a playoff, but no matter where they build it, I will come

    I fortnately do not struggle for money (knock on morning wood), but I have friends that are not as fortunate that will not miss this game regardless of cost. Unless you are Joe Dirt poor with no access to cash/credit with no semblance of hope to pay off the debt without going to a Cash Advance Express, you won't remember the $XXXXX you spent to go the game (FIN 354: money is fungible), but you sure as **** will remember if you don't go.
  28. Sealman81

    Sealman81 25+ Posts

    Both Rose Bowls, last year's Fiesta Bowl.

    I'll have foundation tickets...but I would pay a lot more to go.
  29. padrote

    padrote < 25 Posts

    I went in 05 and 06, but unfortunately will not be able to attend this year due to deployment overseas. Both years stayed in Vegas and drove down to LA for the game. I highly recommend that course of action. In 06, you could by a seat on a charter bus with other Longhorns to drive you down and back - booze included. Well worth the $120. Should still get tickets with the LF - couple of my friends will be happy.
  30. veggieboy

    veggieboy 500+ Posts

    I went to the 05 Rose Bowl, the 05 tOSU game in Columbus, and the 06 Rose Bowl.

    Still the greatest 3 game stretch I have EVER been to, and doubt that will ever change.

    Can't go this year, unfortunately. Money, family, work, blah blah blah.

    I will be watching it with my two boys on my 50in plasma, though!

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