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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by The Eyes of Texas, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Of course we would wait til the end of the season. I think our 3 man DL scheme lends itself to more injuries in the secondary or maybe we are playing a lot of zone forcing us to charge at the ball carrier causing collisions. I certainly do not believe it's due to a lack of strength and conditioning. A lack of pressure on the QB is making it easier for the pass to be on target. Then we are in the position of having to tackle a running ball carrier where we smash him down instead of wrapping up. yeah we get the occasional fumble but we risk injury and missed tackles. Whatever happened to wrapping up and letting the next guy strip the ball. Is Herman/Orlando preaching machismo so that we forget fundamentals?
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    The elephant in the room isn't the defense, it's our special teams play. How the hell are we getting such poor play from seniors. Duv made bad decision after bad decision and that is 2 games this season where this has happened. First it was on punts and now it's on kickoffs.

    Why are we still paying Wareheim? He is not a good coach.

    As for the defense, the only way to fix bad tackling is to practice tackling. These guys need to quit trying to kill people and just get them down. Above all else, quit putting your heads down and getting targeting calls.

    At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if we lost another game, thank heavens we have Kansas next, nothing gets the bad taste out of your mouth like a blowout win.

    Finally, we need to get some people healthy, especially in the defensive backfield. I actually lost some respect for the Texas coaches for playing a very injured BJ Foster, no way he should have been out there. I know we are short handed, but damn we have to think of the kids future.
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    This is something that should have been fixed before ousux. Special teams play kept us in the hole during the first half. The offense didn't do much to get out of the hole, but special teams is a definite weakness.
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    Good points. I don’t care for a constant 3-3-5 or variation there of. I like the standard 4-3-4 or a 4-2-5 variation for teams that are primarily pass oriented. Three down linemen constantly has, as we’ve seen, the potential to yield significant yardage against the run. The 3-3-5 nickel or 3-2-6 dime is more of a late game prevent set against the long pass, which often don’t work either. But, in any case, if the fundamentals and techniques aren’t sound, it may not matter.
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    The answer to our problems on defense is GREG ROBINSON !!!! Instead of hiring all these offensive consultants from losing programs, ( they **** sure didn't help judging from the game plan against OU ) Tom needs to go get Robinson so he can teach Orlando how to stop a **** offense !!!!!! This 3 man front crap got Stoops fired at OU and is killing our chances to be great. Our answer to our offensive problems is Herman pulling his head out of his arse. Our offense is VANILLA.....We don't run routes like real spread teams run them in our passing game. Our running game strategy is crap....WTH kind of coaching is " Slow to the hole but fast through the hole." ??? That is horse crap and that is what our staff is teaching. No wonder we get stuffed 95% of the time and seldom if ever have any huge gains on the ground. Hells bells Earl and Ricky couldn't run using that "slow to the hole" philosophy...Especially since all we do is run our backs between the tackles ALL THE TIME. Did you see the play OU killed us with? It was like a power sweep. Play side blocked down to wall off pursuit , and the back side G and T pulled leading the way and the back hauled *** around the end.....High school teams run that...Middle school teams do too...But not TEXAS....We run "slow to the hole" between the tackles and it closes up before we get there most of the time. SMDH
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  6. LonghornCatholic

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  7. horninchicago

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    Stoops was fired?
  8. AC

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    Your right MajesticII. I think the conservative game plan was two fold.
    Sam is playing hurt. His long throws are all short and he is an immobile statue in the pocket. Why? His rib issue hasn’t healed and he has less zip on his deep balls and is not very mobile. I believe he is at 60% to 80%. Speculating on a message board but it is what it is. Also, this could be the first of two OU games and if we keep SE healthy now, we could get a second healthy shot at OU. I think Herman is playing the long game.
  9. SabreHorn

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    List of best DCs of all time in order:

    1) Leon Fuller

    2) Rick Lantz

    3) Bill Bradley

    4) Dick Tomey

    It was the latter that created change and adjustments that Robinson gets credit for.

    At the rate Aranda is going, he may become #5 on my list
  10. Statalyzer

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    Both times?
  11. AustinHorn24

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    Agreed, OU won this game due to their defense, not their offense.

    Mike Stoops was very, very good for Texas. When Lincoln Riley fired him, I was worried they would actually find a competent DC and it looks like they have.

    Dont get me wrong, OU's D still has some weaknesses and can be exploited, but they are heads and shoulders better than any defense Mike Stoops has put out in the last 10 years.
  12. SabreHorn

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    Unfortunately, we only had Dick in 2004, while Robinson came back to lead our defense in 13 to five losses including 40+ points to Ole Miss & BYU, and near 40 to oSu. Two of those games were in Memorial Stadium.

    I am not now, and never have been impressed.
  13. wadster

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    Could not for the life of me figure out why we abandoned the run. We are a smash mouth run 1st team. OU spread themselves out to cover those dump passes to Duv. We should have started RJ and stuck with the power run game. We don't win pass happy games. We just don't. Run sets up the pass not the other way around for us.
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  14. SabreHorn

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    I think OU's defense is in better hands than it has been in years. Bob told Dr Boren he wanted to retire but only if he named Riley as HC & Riley agreed to keep the entire staff another year.

    They already had Ruffin McNeil to coach defense, but he was hampered from making necessary changes by Mike Stoops. I was very impressed with what Grinch did at Wazzou, but putting him together with Ruffin causes me great concerns.
  15. MajesticII

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    You need to check your history. Robinson took over for _iaz and was on the job a mere couple weeks when that happened. You can't blame him for that cluster **** defense when he didn't have prep time. Those games were on _iaz's crap defensive coaching, not Robinson.
  16. SabreHorn

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    Baylor & Oregon?
  17. MajesticII

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    Yes Stoops, the DC, was fired because his 3-3-5 defense sucked like ours does against good offenses.
  18. MajesticII

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    Robinson shut Oregon's offense with Mariotta DOWN.... The offense etc gave up points and was totally absent in that game. The defense held Oregon to about 16 points or something like that. Our offense was total crap, and the defense lived on the field vs Baylor. Again you need to check your history and rewatch those games. Robinson is a hell of a DC.
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  19. SabreHorn

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    You will never get me to agree with that, but I would like to keep him the hell away from our program.

  20. horninchicago

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    Aw, hell, sorry. My immediate thought was Bob, not Mike.
  21. Statalyzer

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    Diaz was the D/C for the BYU game, not Robinson. Robinson allowed 37 to Ole Miss after being on the job for 5 days. He also held OU to 13, Tech to 16, and Oregon to 16. Baylor's offense scored 30, but only had 3 at halftime, and 17 of their second half points came on drives starting in our half of the field. Okie State's offense scored 31, once again in similar fashion, 14 of those started on our side (including a garbage-time TD with a minute left after we gave them the ball on the 20).

    Against Alabama in 2009 we all realize that the defense played very well, and generally don't hold the interception return against them since they weren't on the field for that, nor the two drives in the final 5 minutes that came after turnovers and covered a combined 30 yards.

    Defense had some poor games too, particularly Iowa State and West Virginia, but it was a huge improvement over 2012. And it was more of a midseason improvement going from Diaz to Robinson than Oklahoma got by going from Stoops to McNeill last year.
  22. Pomspoms

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    How old are Robinson and Tomey? I think I would take either of them. My patience has worn out with Orlando.

    Maybe we should learn from OU and have a 4 man front and run those looping stunts putting pressure on the QB to help our secondary. Maybe then we won't be near the bottom of the list on pass defense. Though we aren't doing to bad on run defense maybe it would be better.
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  23. Pomspoms

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    How old are Robinson and Tomey? I think I would take either of them. My patience has worn out with Orlando.

    Maybe we should learn from OU and have a 4 man front and run those looping stunts putting pressure on the QB to help our secondary. Maybe then we won't be near the bottom of the list on pass defense. Though we aren't doing to bad on run defense maybe it would be better.
  24. WorsterMan

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    Unsure of Robinson age, believe Tomey passed away sometime recently.
  25. Austin_Bill

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    There is nothing wrong with Todd Orlando as a DC. The problem is we don't have the right personnel to run his schemes. We need a true pass rusher at the DE spot, we don't have it. I love Graham, but he can't rush the passer, he is just too slow. Same for Roach. Our best pass rusher is Ossai who is playing linebacker.

    This is a huge problem.

    I didn't think we would miss Omenihu as much as we have, but damn we could really use him, or someone with his skill set. This is why I said the most important guy we recruit this year is Alfred Collins, he is basically Omenihu 2.0

    We have the right personnel to run a legit 4-2-5 defense and be successful, but Todd seems married to the 3-3-5 for some reason. The following players are all DTs on this level. TaQuon Graham, Keondre Coburn, Moro Ojomo, Daniel Carson, Jamari Chisholm, T'Vondre Sweat, Gerald Wilbon, and D'Andre Christmas-Giles. That is 8 Dts at a position where we only play 1 at a time. This means we have a bunch of guys playing out of position.

    Our top Dline recruit we have committed is Vernon Broughton is also a DT who will likely play DE when he gets here.

    If we had all world linebackers like LSU, we would be able to play guys out of position at DE and not worry about it, but we don't.

    I'm not saying Orlando's scheme won't work, it's basically what LSU, Bama and Georgia all use, but we need to do a better job of getting the right guys to fill our positions.

    Also, it doesn't hurt to mix things up and move guys around and toss in a little 4-3 defense from time to time.
  26. MajesticII

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    Austin_Bill, you might want to tune into SEC network right now and watch Bama's defense... They run 4 down linemen. They may get in a 3 man front once in a while, but they run 4 down. they may only put 3 in a 4 or 3 pt stance but that guy in a 2 pt stance is basically a lineman, and is filling a gap by alignment and technique. Sometimes they are even in a 52 or 5 man front. When they get in a 3 man their LBs are close to the LOS...... Orlando's 3 man front defense is crap against a good team. Also check out the Bama rush..Loops stunts twists, etc... All Orlando does is BULL RUSH....Notice where the LBs line up vs where Orlando's line up..... SMH
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  27. X Misn Tx

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    given the spectrum of answers as to the cause of our demise, it would be an interesting poll question...

    Which facet of the game was the greatest cause for our defeat?
    * Defense is the reason Texas lost
    * Offense is the reason Texas lost
    * Special Teams is the reason Texas lost
    * D/ST is the reason Texas lost
    * Offense & Defense is the reason Texas lost
    * Offense & ST is the reason Texas lost

    I don't blame the defense (except for the poor tackling) as much as the offense and ST.
  28. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    LOL, then a good defensive coach would change the schemes to fit the personnel. You can't just say "oh well, we'll get better when I have the right people".
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  29. Austin_Bill

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    It's funny but Todd Orlando has been our DC for 3 years and suddenly he is holding us back? Todd in all that time has been the best DC in the conference. We lost every facet of that game on Saturday.

    If I was to blame one thing for the loss I'd point to the offensive line first and formost. Second I'd point to special teams and finally I'd point to the defensive backs and our pass rush.

    I have been saying all year, our dbs will get better when we get a pass rush, well it ain't happening this year.

    As Herman said in his press conference. You don't throw the baby out with the bath water. We have a lot a great defensive coaches helping out Including Beaty and Chris Ash both are incredible DCs while being failed head coaches each has the ability to run a great defense. Todd Orlando has them to help out and if we can't figure out how to turn our pass rush around, it isn't going to happen.
  30. SabreHorn

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    Orlando may be a quality DC; best in the conference last year is your opinion.

    He may be a great defensive mind. I have seen every game he’s coached at Texas. Multiple times a game, he dials up what may have been a superior call or scheme for that moment, BUT the players telegraph it 15 seconds before the ball is snapped.

    He has not, and I’m of the opinion he cannot, disguise his defense. That’s my main objection I listed the four best I thought there were at doing that.

    1) Dick is dead

    2) Rick isn’t leaving Jupiter unless it’s a bunch of money.

    3) Don’t think Leon is of a mind to get involved

    4) That leaves Bill sitting down in Blanco. Let him tutor Orlando for a nominal fee.
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