To the guy in Section 31, row 9, seat 42...

Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by nothed, Sep 20, 2009.

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    I tried being nice, but "F" YOU. You told me that I was too loud, yet you were 2 seats over from the Tech band. I lost my voice last night thanks to you. You sat on your *** the whole game. Thank you for leaving in the 3rd quarter. Everyone around you had a great time after you left. Oh yeah, just because you bring an oversize seatback in, the does not gove you the right to push it back as far as you can, hitting me in my reconstructed knee. I hope you enjoyed every knee I put in your back.
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    Anyone in Section 31 see the hammered dude with tats all over his arms and legs getting led out by the cops? I saw him staggering around before the game and told my buddy "That guy ain't making it to halftime", then later he was getting walked out (the cops had to half carry him), followed a few minutes later by another guy who was either his buddy or a guy he'd had an altercation with...
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    hey at least they didn't bring in their kids, right?
  4. texascoder

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    I'm disappointed... there was no fracas in section 107 [​IMG]
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    No altercation in Sect. 105, but two guys were removed. One w a flask and another w a can of Bud Light. [​IMG]
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    saw a kid outside section 105 being carried by 6 guys into the first aid room. he looked like he had been drinking steady since about 10am, drunker than dirt, couldnt stand.
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    Guy in Section 18 Row 58 or so (Tech fan) so drunk he threw up all over himself and the seat in front of him. APD came to visit with him and he was so out of it that he seemed to not even comprehend their presence. They finally grabbed him by the arm and dragged him out. About halfway through the 3rd quarter.

    Then during a commercial break when we're all sitting down for a minute some other Tech fan a few rows down started yelling "Why are y'all sitting down? This is the biggest game in Texas!" The guy next to me yelled back "Go throw up on yourself!" and other people were yelling things like "Sit down, idiot!" My thought was "maybe for you but not for us".
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    Damn, nothed, has HornFans taught you nothing? I just have two words for you, nose tweaking.
  12. Texanne

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    Point of order,. accuratehorn -- it's nose beeping.

    That is all.
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    Oh yes. I have the lounging chair vs. knees in the back battle with the ******* in front of me going on our third season now. He thinks it's okay to act like he's in a lazyboy in his living room at the expense of my knees. And he stares down people who have force him forward just so they can get down my row to their seat.

    My sympathies. At least your guy leaves early.
  14. LonghornCatholic

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    Everyone in my vicinity in section 15 was cool - damn near a love fest. Even with the Tech fans.

    But please, if you have a friend that is on steriods, do them a favor and express to them how foolish they look wearing a tank top or a cut up tee-shirt.
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    OK, nose BEEPING.

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