To TLSN from Tommy Harmon -” Chuck Hartenstein, former Longhorn and MLB pitcher has passed away

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    After Chuck graduated from Seguin High School The MLB Charley+Hartenstein+.jpg Tigers offered him a “pretty good bonus” but he declined, in order to take the U.T. scholarship offer. He was 18-6 in his time at the university, fending off another bonus offer from the Phillies. “I couldn’t accept it,” he said a few years later, “since I promised Mr. Falk that I would fulfill the four-year scholarship.”

    He was signed by the Chicago Cubs in 1964 out of U.T. He played for the Cubs until 1968, before joining the Pittsburgh Pirates (1969–70), St. Louis Cardinals. (1970), Boston Red Sox (1970), and Toronto Blue Jays (1977). For more information on the Longhorn baseball years 1962-1964 click on The History of Longhorn Sports

    Longhorn baseball player Chuck Hartenstein has passed away.
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