Tom Brady the GOAT?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Jan 24, 2021.

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    He and Bridgete Moynahan were never married. She had the baby after they broke up.
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    I agree his UM record was good, but it was not great. He never won the Big 10 (a 3-way tie for it in '98 but lost the tiebreaker so perhaps say never outright won). No Heisman or Davey O'Brien talk. While none of that is a prereq for being a great NFL QB, it's astounding that for the best NFL QB, he wasn't in the discussion for great college QB.
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    I agree
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    If you're not cheating you're not trying hard enough. And, when you're on top, that's who gets investigated. And, in the end, you have to go out and outhustle/outphysical/outrun the opposition, and no amount of "insider trading" is going to change that. And, if you're destroying an opponent with an deflated football, and then when they change it to appropriate air you continue to dominate, it makes it all silly. Patriots are a dynasty and a solid one. Pearl-clutchers keep whining, because it's for losers. This is the real world get used to it.
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    Brady is good, but not the greatest. Kudos to Belecheat for knowing how to be the best of a mediocre league, but the league got incredibly weak after the salary cap came into play. The Pats would not do well against the 70s Cowboys or Steelers, the 80s 49rs, or the early 90s Cowboys.
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    Who is better?
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    The 70's Steelers were a great team for the time. Their center also weighted 240 pounds. He'd be a light TE now, and if he played center he'd be blown so far off the line of scrimmage by a DL that he'd have more QB sacks than the league's best player.

    The players have gotten so big and strong now (separate question - why? Uhh strength training! As if players in the 80's were not lifting weights. Roids, roids, and roids is the answer, plus human growth hormone) that the glory teams of the past would be a mere scrimmage game against today's teams.

    There's no question that Brady, with 7 Super Bowl championships, is the greatest NFL player of all time. The only question to ask is he the best player in his sport, among all sports? If not, then who? Venus Williams for tennis with her huge amount of titles? U Bolt for track? It's a very short list of players who are as dominant in their sport as T Brady has been.
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    he is the greatest in a watered-down league.
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    The only question is, why is their a question mark after the title of this thread, "Tom Brady the Goat?". Should be changed to "Tom Brady the Goat.".
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    SD, I'll bet the players from the 20s-30s thought the 50s-60s players were a bunch of whiny pansies. It's all relative. Stuff like "your helmet is made out of what?" or even better "you have a helmet?"
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    I laughed until I cried. I never saw this before.
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