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    I don't see anything unusual. They must have "fixed" it.
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    Yup. Here it is referring to 2019 season:

    "After crying during the post game press conference following a blowout loss to Baylor, Herman strangely disappeared. He was last seen in the back of a white '72 Cadillac, surrounded by men in burnt orange polyester slacks and pointed toe boots."

    So clever those Bailor devils...
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    I saw that! I think that's hilarious! But it might happen.
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    thanks @WorsterMan
    LOL .... yeah, they're pretty clever!
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    Didn't seem particularly funny or clever me. Vandal-editing Wiki articles is long past played out.
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    My post was dripping with sarcasm.... :beertoast:
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    I thought it was funny.
    It's not like they were kneeling for the anthem or some such.

    We are down and they are kicking. I expect nothing less. My BU grad cousin I with whom I was raised ... but in the last 20 years only hear from her when Baylor has a team. Have yet to hear from her. Only 48 hours to go!
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    i'm very comfortable with them using stale/dated humor to make fun of an opposing coach.

    it's not giving out phone numbers to text stalk. it's not bringing family in. etc.

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