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Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by Aragorn, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Aragorn

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    What does your top-16 S-curve look like right now, regardless of regional? The question is what do you think it SHOULD be if seeding were done today, not what do you think it WILL be. Here's mine:

    1. Memphis
    1. Tennessee
    1. Duke
    1. Texas [​IMG]

    2. Kansas
    2. UCLA
    2. North Carolina
    2. UCONN

    3. Wisconsin
    3. Purdue
    3. Indiana
    3. Georgetown

    4. Louisville
    4. Stanford
    4. Xavier
    4. Washington St.
  2. Chest Rockwell

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    2 Seed is cool with me as long as we get in the Houston Regional. With the Final 4 in SA, we may not have to leave Texas to win it all.
  3. Bob in Houston

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    They have to leave for the first two rounds.
  4. Aragorn

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    That's what I think the seeding *should* be, not what it likely would be. Look at Stanford's and Washington State's resumes and tell me why Stanford should be a 2 or 3 and Washington State should be a 5 or a 6? No way. And Texas deserves the #1 seed over Kansas right now. That might change, but Kansas has done nothing to warrant it over Texas except playing a vastly inferior schedule.
  5. Wulaw Horn

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    For whoever mentioned Stanford- here's a challenge for you-

    Find 2 wins that I should give a crap about on their entire schedule. If anything I think that the OP has them overrated, but I don't see anyone else who has them lower than a 3 so i at least like the way he thinks.
  6. Wulaw Horn

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    UConn seems a little high. I like the omission of Butler and Drake from the top 16 as well as having Louisville in there.

    Crap- that's a pretty damn fine job there the more I look at it.

    Slide UConn down to a 4 or so- right below the 'Ville, move purdue up to their two spot and I like it a hair better- but either way I'm not complaining too much.

    BTW- this is measuring accomplishment for me. I think KU is a better team than us, but we've accomplished more- if that makes sense.
  7. Aragorn

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    The final #2 seed was the hardest to slot. Purdue has been hot lately, but so has UCONN. UCONN gets the nod because Purdue lost to Wofford at home. [​IMG]
  8. Wulaw Horn

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    Yeah- but Purdue is winning their conference and UCONN is at best 3rd after all the tie breakers shake out.

    Not only is Purdue winning their conference but they've seemingly played most of their better teams. Maybe I'm jaded, but bad losses in November/december don't bother me too much when you turn it around and are somethink like 14-1 in the big ten- have beaten (handily I believe) MSU home and away, beat Wiscy, beat Indiana, have won a bunch of games in a row.

    Besides, as we all know, those terrier ******* can get up for 1 game a year to spoil someone's year- that's why I'm glad we don't have them on the schedule anymore- heated and historical rival or not. Mack Brown should learn from Barnes example and have nothing to do with scheduling Arky. Rick isn't dumb enough to fall into that trap.
  9. Bob in Houston

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    Rick wound up with Wofford the second time for the same reason Arkansas in on the football schedule... no one wanted to play Texas...

    But it's been a few years now. Maybe he has learned.
  10. KosherHorn

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    Good stuff. If you're using a completely quantitative analysis, which I assume you're doing by putting Texas as the last #1 seed, then that's true that they should be ahead of UCLA, UNC and KU. Using the same formula, I'd put Xavier as the last #2. They have some great wins - Indiana and a blowout of Kansas State - plus they're about to run away with a championship from a damn good Atlantic 10(14) Conference. They have two not-so-great losses but schedule-wise have looked better than UConn, who's hot but their only very impressive win is at Indiana during that stretch.

    If Texas beats OU and KSU and some of these bracketologists have KU ahead of the Horns, I'd love to hear their so-called logic for it.

    Oh, if Purdue wins tonight at Indiana, they should be at a 2 seed instead of Xavier, IMO.
  11. Wulaw Horn

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    Kosher- agreed with just about every point.

    Bob- just b/c nobody else wants to play us doesn't mean we should ever schedule Wofford again. I'd rather an extra orange and white scrimmage then the satisfaction of giving those ******* a platform for recruiting in this state.

    Just say no to Texas vs Terriers.
  12. CadetHorn

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    ALl 3 big 10 teams can't all be 3 seeds....there is separation. I THINK Purdue is better than Wisc and IU, putting Purdue at a 2 and wisc and IU at 3's and 4's. I say think because tonight will tell me a lot more.

    Staying with the Big10, MSU does not look too good. I'd give them a 6 seed right now.

    As far as us and KU, I agree that IF we keep winning and take the reg season title, we should be a head of KU. But I think a lot of people are assuming we are going to **** the bed for a game or two....KU won't.

    And Butler WILL be in the top 4 seeds whether you agree or not. They are ranked 8 in the country for pete's sake. I'm not saying the rankings are god, but they are up there for a reason......i just can't see them being out of the top 4.
  13. Pancho Negro

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  14. Aragorn

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    I agree about Purdue. They can move up to the final #2 seed in my rankings with a win at Indiana, but I'm not so sure Indiana doesn't beat them tonight.

    As for Xavier, they have some decent wins, but I'm not terribly impressed with the A-10 this year, to say the least. The other "marquee" teams in that conference are St. Joseph's, Richmond, and Temple (who whacked them by 20 points). Their fate could be similar to George Washington's a couple of years back when they were erroneously ranked like #6 in the polls going into the tournament, then made a prompt exit in the first round. I think they're a good team, but all of their decent wins (Indiana, K-State, and Virginia) were at home. They don't have a single high-caliber road win, which is something the committee looks for, and rightly so.
  15. Bob in Houston

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  16. Aragorn

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  17. GoHornsGo90

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    Butler merits their seed because of their ranking? Do you remember Gonzaga like 5 years ago with Blake Stepp at number 6 in the nation? They got a 6 seed and lost in the first round...funniest thing I've ever seen. Rankings mean NOTHING.
  18. CadetHorn

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  19. CadetHorn

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  20. whereiend

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    Another example is George Washington when they only had 1 or 2 losses and were ranked in the top 10. They ended up with like an 8 seed. :/
  21. KosherHorn

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    Bob, a win tonight and that means a Purdue sweep of Indiana and Wisconsin plus a split of Michigan State with only a three point loss at East Lansing. They're a far different team now than in non-conference, so I think the committee will cut them a little slack for their weak OOC schedule because of how well they've done in conference. Unlike Drake and Butler, at least they've beaten somebody.

    As for the A-10 bashing from some of you, awww...where's the mid-major love?!? The A-10(14) is like to Mo Valley two years ago - a really good conference with teams beating each other up. The second best team is actually Dayton, but they've had injuru problems so their conference record is only 5-6. But they have wins over Louisville and Pitt. Rhode Island won at Syracuse, IIRC. Richmond and Temple shouldn't be listed as the top teams in that conference, even though they're playing pretty well. It's an unbalanced schedule over there so the conference record is a bit deceiving.
  22. KosherHorn

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    Oh, and comparing this year's Xavier to GW of a couple of years ago is complete apples to oranges. GW beat no one back then and the A-10 was much worse than it is today.

    Will Xavier be a 2 seed when it's all said and done? Doubtful because teams like Purdue and UConn have more chances for resume-building wins. But right now Xavier should be in the convo for a 2, IMO.
  23. Wulaw Horn

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    I'm really not disagreeing with you, even if it sounds like it, but xavier is, imo, nowhere near one of the 8 best teams in the NCAA. I think they will be in the discussion of top 2 or 3 teams and will be the highest rated non-major ( I don't count Memphis as non-major b/c they are a major unto themselves like UNLV was back in the day).
  24. WashU-Horn

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    UCLA is taking it this year.

    Syracuse is going to win the whole thing next year. You can print it. Seriously, print it.
  25. Bob in Houston

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  26. Aragorn

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    So much for the "Purdue is the champion of the world" line of thought. The Hoosiers waxed them last night 77-68. I still have Wisconsin rated highest of the Big 10 teams. Indiana leapfrogs Purdue with the win, but they're still reasonably close.
  27. KosherHorn

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  28. CO_horn

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    If the Ville wins the Big East regular season I think you gotta seed them higher than UConn. They lost alot of games early when everyone was hurt and have looked pretty good since then, plus, they played UConn very close on the road earlier....
  29. tj11_hookem

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    I want the 2 seed in HTown.
  30. Hu_Fan

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    While I'm reading posts tonight... just a reminder about national strengths...
    Texas beat Tennessee by 22

    Just wanted to point that out to ESPN this Saturday as they tout the Tenn-Memphis game.

    Horns rule.

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