Tope Made expresses faith in staff, future of Texas football

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by moondog_LFZ, Nov 28, 2021.

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    He went through Charlie, Tom and now one year of Sark. For him to be that positive about Sark and Flood says a lot. Sark is going to need time and recruits but I have a lot more confidence in him than I ever did in Charlie or Tom. That’s a low bar I know but it’s our reality for a couple of years we have to give his process a chance and time.
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    I must say it was quite a moment at DKR when he carried that picture of his momma out of the tunnel. Seems like a great kid.
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    Wow. So impressed with a player that we hardly knew. Wish he could/would take advantage of that extra Covid year, unless he already has.
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    Such a mature post from this young man. His words helps put some things into perspective. I hadn’t thought that there were still players from the Strong era. He’s been with Strong, Herman and now Sark. Lots of lost loyalties in cycling coaches in and out over those tenures and each with it's own culture.
    Wishing him nothing but the best !
    Hook ‘Em Tope

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