Toughest road to the Super Bowl ever?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by SchertzHorn, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. SchertzHorn

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    I am not a Giants fan. I have always rooted against them being a Cowboy fan especially after having to listen to them walking out of Texas Stadium last week.
    But when you look at their post season, could this be the toughest road to the Super Bowl ever? They went on the road to Tampa (a division winner), then to Dallas who was the number one seed, and now at Green Bay in sub-zero temperatures. They could end it with a win over an undefeated New England team in two weeks. My hats off to this team. I may actually root for them for the first time in my life.
  2. TheTresLeches

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    I think playing hard in a meaningless final regular season game for them kept them sharp and ready for the playoffs.
  3. YeaTexasFight

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    First team to win three straight road playoff games.
  4. rippletickle

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    Steelers a couple years back in their SB year.
  5. BurntOrangeIrish

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    As an Eagles fan, I am in a similar situation. I found myself rooting more for the Giants this year (starting week 17 vs. the Pats) than I ever have before. Of course, I rooted for them over the cowboys (lesser of 2 evils). Tonight, I started off wanting to see Favre and the Packers make it....but by half time, I couldn't help but be impressed by the continued good play of this Giants team. Plaxico played very well. Their Defense played well. Manning was better than expected for the 5 straight game. You can not mess with a Hot Streak, and they certainly are the hottest team around right now.

    They came the closest (besides the Eagles) at beating the Pats this year. I think they fair the best chance at beating them again. I think GB would have been killed by the Pats.

    Best of luck Giants. You won't hear me say it often either, but as a NFC East brethren, my hats off to you. Beat the crap out of Brady and the Pats.
  6. jt09

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    I don't know enough history to know about ever, but they earned it. Hate those ********, but their DL is nasty and I absolutely LOVE their RBs.
  7. SchertzHorn

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    What a stable of running backs they had in training camp:
    Ward, Droughns, Jacobs, Bradshaw, Grant Sure am glad we have Tyson Thompson as the third in line in Big D
  8. I_Live_In_OK

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    Ya I don't know about ever because I don't know **** about NFL playoff history. But if NY beats a freaking 18-0 team to win the SB after winning three straight road games - then that speaks for itself.
  9. eflow24

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    They dominated that 2nd half...tough road but I think the story ends in a loss.
  10. Nuclear Bear

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    You have to give them their props. Is anyone a bigger moron than Skip Bayless? A few week ago he was blasting the giants for playing thier starters against New England and saying that they Tampa would kill them because of Coughling boneheaded mistakes.

    I think the 2005 Pittsburg team as a 6 seed went through a tougher road than this years Giants team. I think Cincinattii, Indy and Denver were better than the three teams the Giants just beat....especially compared to Tampa.
  11. YeaTexasFight

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  12. rage-a-holic

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    Yes. Here's to Ross getting a Super Bowl ring.
  13. eflow24

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    I do find it curious that the two teams who played to win in Week 17 make the Super Bowl.
  14. uisge beatha

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    I'm not sure and not going to look it up, but didn't the Ravens come closest to beating the Patriots.

    I hate to admit it, but the Giants out-played the Packers tonight and Eli out-played Farve. And Polaxio simply killed the Pack.
  15. BurntOrangeIrish

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    Both were by 3 points. As did the Eagles.

    Those 3 came down to the very end.

    You can make any argument across those 3 teams that played the Pats well. Fact is those 3 teams brought a very tough Defense that forced the Pats to play uncomforatble. Top that with the fact that the Pats have not played this last part of the season as well as they had been playing to start the season. Giants are on a hotstreak, and I think they have the best shot now out of anyone else.
  16. LonghornLawyer

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  17. TrashMaster G

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    Being a Cowboys fan I am also a pretty big non-Giants fan. But I am impressed as hell with their run. I will root for them in the SB cuz I'd love to see them end the Pats run. Not holding my breath, though.

    And, I also gotta say, I think the Giants' uniforms are kick-***. They may be 2nd best in the NFL. They did right going back to the older designs.

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