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    Hi again, Hornfans posters!

    You all gave us terrific recommendations the last couple of years for our road trips to the Dakotas and again to the Pacific Northwest (Oregon and Washington). Next assignment - the New England states and New Jersey/Delaware. That will complete one of the items on my bucket list - to visit all fifty states.

    Basic Plan goes like this - I banked my timeshare week this year and plan to trade it for a week at a Silverleaf resort in western Massachusetts sometime in April or May. We'll use AAdvantage miles to fly into Hartford and rent a car for the week. Here are the must-do items I already have on the list so far:

    -JFK Museum
    -Old North Church
    -Lobster dinner on the Maine coast
    -Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown
    -Independence Hall and Liberty Bell
    -West Point - USMA (I've already been to Annapolis)

    I've started getting the visitor's brochures from these states, but haven't been through them page-by-page yet. My first glance at the Delaware brochure didn't excite me very much, so we may not do anything these except a quick stop in Wilmington. Will probably see anything I want in New Jersey just by driving through.

    We'll have a week available for activities before flying back to DFW. We're both in our late sixties, so we need low-impact activities and sightseeing. You guys gave me terrific recommendations for the Oregon/Washington trip and the trip through the Dakotas and Montana - now I solicit your suggestions for things to see and do in the New England states and New Jersey/Delaware.

    I'm all ears!

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    When you are at West Point, go to the Thayer Hotel for lunch or dinner. It is a beautiful old hotel. If they offer tours, take one. I was lucky and got to tour with the wife of a cadet who later became a professor, so we had lots of inside info, which was great. One tidbit - there is housing on campus for most of the faculty, though it ranges from small apartments to beautiful homes, including a house haunted by a professor who committed suicide in the house. One day in the spring or summer, everyone gets to look at all the available units and then put in their top three preferences. From there it goes by rank, and if two people have the same rank, the one who graduated from WP first gets it. It is a beautiful campus with so much tradition.
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    AustinBat, thanks for the tip. When I was a cadet at USAFA, we had a few exchange visits with the other academies. I hosted cadets from other academies, but never got to go on a visit myself. I went to Annapolis once when I was on a long business trip to Washington, but have never had the chance to see West Point. This is a must-do for our trip next spring.

    Thanks again!

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