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    I am very curious to learn what NCAA scholastic eligibility requirements are for transfers. With no implication that it might play a role, TCU having 24 transfers in their miraculous turnaround is at least noticeable. I see where OU is losing 6 and gaining 10. It has been awhile but,,,
    Back in the day, the DKR days, a player was required to pass 21 hours in a calendar year making ‘meaningful progress’ toward a degree to remain eligible to play. A player having an injury requiring withdrawal from all classes owing to immobility was almost universally granted an extra semester to reach this goal. A certain unnamed school in Kansas made an art form out of ‘injuring’ players toward the end of spring practice to gain this. This would allow is miscreant to play a player in fall of Jr. year (with zero college credits) practice in spring, get injured, withdraw and have the fall to catch up. The last two seasons the player was not a college student.
    Reason for my question. Assuming F-Troop, er-NCAA, wouldn’t notice that player A, having zero credits in fall, decides to transfer (withdrawing from school) move to Happy-to-see-you U, and start over in the spring. No credits in fall, no problem, transfer again. Not that anybody would game the NCAA ‘system’, just curious. Obviously some schools, Stanford, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, aren’t going to allow that. Another set of more diligent (though possibly swayable schools, UT aTm, may not be perfectly clean. Some other schools might view this as a class-attendance waiver.
    We seem to be building the nucleus of a we’re back team. A really we’re back team. I just want to temper my expectations with knowledge of what level of professional teams we happen to have on the schedule.
    Any good, current knowledge about eligibility rules would be appreciated. Additionally, I’m curious to what degree eligibility plays in some of our players turning pro early with limited expectations of being drafted. I see players that are juniors and still listed as degree ‘undetermined’. There aren’t 45 hours of courses that might apply to any later to be determined degree. I’m not a prude, college nerd, or student-athlete nut, but all schools playing by at least similar rules are necessary for true level-field competition.
    The transfer portal, while it is valuable for a young man or woman’s poor initial college decision if well managed, is a free-for-all being regulated by F-Troop.
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    As I understand it, all a Division 1 player needs is a 2.0 GPA to transfer to another program, unless that standard has changed, i.e. been lowered.
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    Joe, I think there is still the "working towards a degree" requirement. The issue with that is everyone in college technically is working towards a degree of some sort.
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