Transfer Portal OLine Targets For Next Year

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by 2003TexasGrad, Dec 20, 2021.

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    Maybe I'll try the "portal" tactic with my wife. You know, explore my options, see what's out there, kick a few tires, but if nothing better presents itself, come on back home to open arms.
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    Good one Orange, let me know if you survive cause I wouldn’t.
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    Give me a "heads-up" when you do this. I will bring flowers to your funeral.
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    That’s my joke…….
    The portal is like me joining and seeing if there is any interest from a 25 year old. If not I stay home and all is forgiven with my wife and kids.
    Me thinks not.
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    You would have good success in Oklahoma, with a full set of teeth and a job.
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    Only if that job pays enough to get a doublewide OR
    Has good enough Workers Comp that the settlement will pay for one.
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    That would be In OK, all dating sites forward the love sick to FarmersOnly.
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    It is now March. Players who entered the portal seldom register to continue studies. Most have no scholarship back-up for spring registration, so they pay their own way. That being the case, all ALL have eligibility issues that will require heavy summer school to be legal. There are but a few with that sort of focus and ability. This needs to get fixed. It’s a siren-call for marginal student athletes that sinks most who aren’t picked up in timely fashion.
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    Rice Grad Transfer Safety Prudy Calderon will be visiting the University of Texas April 7th. Calderon’s 19 career pass deflections would rank high amongst the current roster. Potentially providing much needed experience to the secondary.


    12:57 PM · Mar 23, 2022
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