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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Chinstrap, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. Chest Rockwell

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    The transfer portal fits right in with the Age of Entitlement. Instead of kids waiting their turn or working harder to move up the depth chart, we've given them the easy way out to just quit and go elsewhere.

    With that said, losing Byron Vaughns (Hobbs) . . . meh.
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  2. Statalyzer

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    What age does it fit in that the guys at the top making millions were already able to quit and go elsewhere for even more millions?
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  3. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    What age does it fit in where players in college can be fired? There's a give and take in this conversation, but I get your point.
  4. Duck Dodgers

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    The once strict, now way relaxed, transfer rules were never put in place to be mean to the players. It was to prevent a never ending recruiting cycle, where even after a player signed with a school, there was still the effort to get him to come to another school.

    But now it's like free agency - players can swap teams as they see fit, based on how the season plays out for playing time and other aspects.

    So be it. All school are subject to it, and if anything, it balances good players around, as it's hard to keep multiple good players on the bench at one school, since they now can split and go elsewhere.

    It's the endorsement aspect which I think will have a much biggest impact on college football. It's more or less allowing the same things that the NCAA spent the last 40 years trying to crack down on - well paying jobs with no real duties, cash payments to players, and an advantage to biggest, higher interest schools compared to mid-range teams.

    Look over the list of the things that LSU is accused of doing. Which ones if any would be not allowed once endorsements are allowed?
  5. Duck Dodgers

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    And I still say for the transfer portal, you shouldn't be allowed to dip you toe into it, offering yourself up, looking over the teams and in no go ones then go back to your current team.

    Entering the portal should mean immediate removal from the current team - not kicked out of school but pitched out of the dorm and that long, long buffet table.
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  6. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    I agree. I think the portal or some version of it should exist so the kids have a way out if its not a good fit. However, once they decide to leave and enter the portal then its done. Maybe that's the rule change that needs to be done to make them realize the finality of their decision.
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  7. PecosBill

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    The Portal has worked well for Joe Burrow @ LSU, Shane Buechelle @ SMU, Justin Fields @ tOSU, Cameron Rising @ Utah and a couple of OU one yr QBs.

    Players should have mobility when HCs change so much.
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  8. 22Horn

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    I personally do not like the portal but like others have said, once you enter the portal, that should be final.

    Also believe there should be restrictions on when they can enter. It can really mess up coaches and teams plans. Noticed today that 2 productive Baylor players have entered the portal. That is not right!!!
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  9. MUCHO

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    Portal is appropriately named for many reasons, including that it will port us to a place where things like school tradition, allegiances etc. will matter very little to players. Does anyone think Jalen Hurts identities more as a sooner than with the crimson tide? (As a member of the Sooners, he played the senior bowl with a split helmet.). 1 year sit out rule is a good rule. It should be enforced. Just my opinion.
  10. Horns11

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    I think the portal is just a rebranding of what used to be called "not getting playing time but I'll keep the uniform on until I let you know otherwise."

    If the portal was around for the Colt years, we would have seen Snead, Kinne, several offensive skill position players, and several DBs enter it. I don't think its impact is as dire as people make it seem, because coaches would already know/understand the transfer situations evolving on their own teams. If they're really shocked or taken aback by kids entering the portal, they're probably not very astute.
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