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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Dionysus, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. Dionysus

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    I was rewatching the UCLA game and in the 3rd quarter (9:50 on the clock) when Shipley takes the pitch and then throws to DJ Grant for the TD, one of the announcers says ‘and the trick play works!’

    Maybe I’m picking a semantic nit here but these aren’t tricks, they’re just unexpected, or unconventional, but maybe that’s because everyone else is just more traditional in their approach. It’s just a legal football play like any other. I’m surprised more teams don’t do it actually.

    I get it: the defense was tricked. But isn’t that the objective with a lot of plays? Misdirection, pump fakes, etc. A big part of the game is deception. I guess it’s just jargon anyway but I always think of these kinds of plays as just something that was intended to mislead in order for the play to be effective.

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  2. RomaVicta

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    I'm with you. I think the notion of a trick play is a once a season desperation play to get a quick score. Those plays are fine, too,

    However, we use misdirection, reverses, fake reverses and option passes coordinated with a power running game to generate hesitation and doubt in a defense on every down. These "trick" plays are integrated into the overall offense.

    Also, I believe "trick play" touchdowns count as much as winged T touchdowns, don't they?
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  3. 71grad

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    WRs and RBs ave been throwing the ball for decades. They are not "trick" plays but that is the media tag that has been put on Harsin.
  4. LANike

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    Whenever we run the jet sweep it is a key for the safety to walk up to the box to play run support. The pass from the jet sweep keeps the safety back and makes him play honest. This also keeps the safety back out of the box when we fake the jet sweep and hand it off to the running back going up the middle.

    I believe the passes are all by design to force the defense to play honest and not allow them to walk the safety up.

    This is not a trick play but sound fundamental football.
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  5. gdu

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    They're only called "trick" plays when teams like Boise run them.
  6. Dionysus

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    It’s like OMG the guy throwing the ball isn’t a QB — total trickeration!!! — oh look the QB caught a pass from the slot receiver, that’s so trickyfied!!

    It’s football.
  7. WabashCannon

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    I like our new "tricked" out offense [​IMG]
  8. Texas Taps

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    Harsin's assembly line offense is smart. Instead of having every player learn and practice every play in the book. Find out what each player excels at and design a package and small set of plays for them. Makes things simple for the player which makes the plays effective. [​IMG]
  9. 84 Horn

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    trick u twice shame on u [​IMG]
  10. South Austin

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    Anything this year other than a two-yard out seems like a trick play.
  11. TexinID

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  12. horn4jc

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    I know OU is heavily favored in the RRR but I feel better about our chances with Harsin in the booth. He will counter OU's athleticism with plays that will have a chance to succeed. Also, run right at them and punch them in the mouth.
  13. avoiding work

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    I am probably wrong on this, but I though Mack Brown coined the term "trickeration." I heard him say it several years ago back when OU was on a winning streak and there were many complaints about the lack of creativity on UT's offense. But then again, I don't follow too much football outside of the Longhorns.

    Back to point, I agree with the original poster - I think the phrase should be "creative" play, not "trick" play. I think a play-action pass is a creative play, if done at the right time. I would not call it a trick play, even though if done well, it tricks the defense.
  14. South Austin

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  15. SoonerAtKU

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    I think the general argument that you'll hear from the established coaches/writers is that it's not "playing fundamental football". I think that's *********. If you're playing below-HS level ball, fine, you teach fundamentals and you have fun. If you're trying to develop an actual offensive philosophy, you do things that are consistent with your vision.

    Harsin and Petersen like a defense to be confused and hesitant. They run plays that have similar looks and different formations and movement to accomplish that goal.

    Kevin Wilson and Josh Heupel have a similar goal, but with the added incentive of wearing out a defense. In 2008, they had two key players that turned that hurry-up offense into what it became. Jermaine Gresham and DeMarco Murray could flex from WR to TE, and from RB to WR, meaning that with the same personnel on the field, you can go from a 5-wide look to a standard shotgun look, to an ace back set under center. And the defense cannot substitute to suit their play calls. Having a hyper-accurate QB certainly doesn't hurt.

    You establish an identity and then you recruit to your system, then you execute to win. Tricks don't enter into it if it's part of your DNA. You don't see Boise teams get down after a "trick" play doesn't work. It's also why teams who routinely go for it on 4th downs don't experience the emotional letdown of getting stopped on 3rd down, or turning it over after failing to convert a 4th. They're prepared for it and it's no different than dropping a pass or slipping on the turf.
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  16. ShatyUT

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    Who cares if they call them trick plays. If they work, then they work.
  17. SoonerAtKU

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    Also, at one point the Wishbone Triple Option was a gimmick. And the forward pass.

    These things will be more accepted as we move forward and people who have a problem with it stop calling games and coaching.
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  18. mcbrett

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    Ok so the next time we score conventionally- maybe the announcer will say "And the fundamental football play works!"

    It's exciting, it's unexpected- but it's not really a trick. Making a rabbit disappear for kids, or guessing the right card in a deck- those are tricks.
  19. everybodygodeep

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    Play action is a trick play.
    A pump fake is a trick play.

    It is unconventional, but it takes longer to say that.
  20. 2003TexasGrad

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    The purpose of any offensive play is to trick the defense so that the play works. There. Every play is a trick play, unless its a Greg Davis play, in which case its a predictable play.
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  21. Longtex

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  22. Leland01

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    After years of Greg Davis', I think the "surprise" to most anyone watching UT on offense do something unique (and successful) makes it seem like a magical trick play.

  23. LonghornCatholic

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    I submit to you that every play is a "trick play".
    Pump fake - trying to trick the secondary.
    Play action - trying to trick the linebackers.
    QB changing cadence - trying to trick d-line into false start.
    Hitch route - receiver trying to trick defender that he is running downfield.
    QB sneak - "sneak"
    Quick kick - trying to trick defense that you are not punting.
    ....and a ton of other plays.
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  24. JuniorHorn11

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    While I agree that Shipley (or Harris) throwing the ball on the reverse is sound football, a WR throwing a pass would usually be categorized as a trick play. No arguments that the announcers were awful though. "He didn't have to hit him that hard to make a play." [​IMG]
  25. Texas Taps

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  26. UTis2much

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    If another team scored on our defense with that play... people on here would be calling it a "trick" play. Who cares what it is. You do what you need to do to put points on the board.
  27. HornHawk

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    You call it a trick play--I call it smart football
  28. Pentaconta

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    I love that we have an offense that is tailored for our players, rather than trying to shoehorn our players into an offensive system. (pun intended)

    As irritating as the Pirate could be at times (specifically, bitching about any and every call against Tech), I do miss seeing his offense on the field. It was possibly the most innovative offense going at the time. The Pirate thinks outside of the box. I love that in our own unique way, we now have an offense that is a bit outside of the box, too.

  29. mandingo

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    They aren't trick plays at all, imho. They're just part of the offense and taking advantage of overpursuit once the run is established.

    It's all about establishing the run and then taking advantage.
  30. mandingo

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